Jakarta Holds Series of Virtual and Micro-scale Events for Jakartans

Jumat, 23 April 2021 21:22 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 445

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This Ramadan is not much different than last year. The COVID-19 pandemic still exists and we need to be aware of it togethe. Nevertheless, the Jakarta administration has a breakthrough to enliven the moment of Ramadan with a spirit of collaboration, presenting a series of events held on a virtual and micro scale for Jakartans.

There are at least nine activities that we will present this year's Ramadan in Jakarta

Education and Mental Spiritual Bureau Head, Muhammad Zein explained that the series of Ramadan activities chosen were activities that did not cause crowds and violated the health protocol. It would take the theme "Energi Ramadan Jakarta" means Power of Ramadan, which was also part of the celebration of Jakarta's 494th Anniversary.

"As we know, we are still facing a pandemic for the second time yet the worship and religious activities can already be conducted, but are limited to 50%. To enliven Ramadan, we take advantage of the facilities and infrastructure to hold virtual activitie. There are at least nine activities that we will present this year's Ramadan in Jakarta," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

He added the event was compliance with the Governor's Call number 44/2021 on the implementation of the COVID-19 Health Protocol and the City Secretary Instruction number 40/2021 on the Series of Ramadan Activities 1442 H/2021 M in Jakarta by involving 14 regional officials and 1 related BUMD, with nine series of activities under health protocols.

Here is a series of Ramadan activities in Jakarta:

1. Duta Imam for Tarawih Prayers

Jakarta collaborates with Baznas Bazis, LBIQ, and DMI to send 100 Imam Tarawih Prayers Ambassadors released by the Governor on April 9. The Imam Tarawih Prayers have various backgrounds, such as the Imam of the Mosque, lecturers, students, PJLPs and entrepreneurs by first doing the selection, coaching, and vaccination for COVID-19

2. Virtual Tour of Ramadan

Jakarta collaborates with Atourin, Abang None Jakarta, and the Jakarta Experience Board to provide tourism innovations in the pandemic era for the revival of tourism. Virtually introducing three historical mosques in Jakarta where live broadcasts will be aired via the Zoom application and the Jakarta administration's Youtube channel on April 25 and May 2. Registration link: bit.ly/MosqueofJakarta

3. Virtual Ramadan Charity Concert

Charity concert in collaboration with the Ramadan Jazz Festival and the Jakarta Experience Board. The live broadcast will be broadcast via the Jakarta administration's Youtube channel on April 30 and May 1

4. Large-Scale Social Collaboration (KSBB) for Food

As known, KSBB for Food has been running since last year, with a number of aid packages from the community for the needy. Information related to KSBB Food can be accessed via corona.jakarta.go.id/kolaborasi. There is also the preparation and distribution of packaged rice meals to people who need to break their fast in every urban village spread over six city regions/regencies during Ramadan. It is expected to improve the economy of the local community as packaged rice meals are bought from small local stalls

5. Vaccination for Religious Leaders

Religious leaders are a group that has also started getting the COVID-19 vaccine in Jakarta. Based on data until April 22, as many as 26,827 people have been vaccinated against the first dose, while the second dose is 4,796 people

6. Virtual Gathering with Alim Ulama

Jakarta will hold a gathering between the Governor and its partner with scholars and amaro. It aims to strengthen togetherness between ulama and umaro for the rise of Jakarta from the COVID-19 pandemic

7. 30 Days Challenge Jakarta Khatam Al-Qur'an

It is a Ramadan effort and energy to khatam together with one Jakarta. In practice, one urban village can master one juz of the Qur'an

8. Ramadan Kultum at the Fatahillah Mosque, City Hall Complex

To strengthen togetherness and internal faith in the ranks of the Jakarta administration

9. Nuzulul Al-Qur'an at the Fatahillah Mosque, City Hall Complex

To strengthen togetherness and internal faith in the ranks of the Jakarta administration. The public may also watch the commemoration of the day of the revelation of the Qur'an through a live broadcast on the Jakarta administration's Youtube channel on April 28