Earth Day 2021, KPKP Holds Eco Farming Webinar

Rabu, 21 April 2021 22:31 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Maria Inggita 266

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It is necessary to build public awareness to preserve the earth, which can be done through agricultural activities

Commemorating Earth Day 2021, Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security (KPKP) Agency holds webinar with theme Eco Farming as An Effort for Food Resilience and Saving Earth.

This webinar which invited Founder of Indonesia Berkebun, Ida Amal; Indonesia Food & Agriculture Council (IFAC)'s Program and Development Director, Imam Rulyawan; and Indonesian Organic Farming Community (MAPORINA) Education and Training Head, Fajar Wiryono as the speakers was participated by 240 people.

Jakarta KPKP Agency Acting Head (Plt), Suharini Eliawati said, this webinar was intended as a forum to socialize people about efforts to save the earth through agricultural cultivation that can provide benefits in form of climate improvement, healthy food production, and land revitalization.

"It is necessary to build public awareness to preserve the earth, which can be done through agricultural activities. This webinar also aims to encourage young people or millennials to start agricultural activities," she said, Wednesday (4/21).

According to her, this webinar introduces eco farming system, especially in urban area, which encourages young generation to concern more about food and environment and supports agricultural products which are healthy and safe for consumption with good agriculture practices.

"Through agricultural activities, we are not only saving the planet, but also produce our food that can be used for ourselves and others. Urban farming is a form of agricultural activities that can be carried out by people in urban areas with narrow agricultural land," she explained.

Meanwhile, Jakarta KPKP Agency Head, Mujiati stated, her side holds this webinar because community needs for food is increasing, while resources are decreasing, both natural resources, water, land, and human.

Moreover, environmental quality is declining, from increasing greenhouse gas emission, water pollution, and so on, thus impact the climate change which affects the quality of human life and it also affects the declining agricultural production.

"Eco farming is an agricultural system that manages all agricultural resources and inputs wisely based on technological innovation to achieve improvement in sustainable productivity. Later, it is economically profitable and socially acceptable and has low risk in damaging environmental function," she explained.