Parekraf Collaborates with Mural Artists to Beautify Jakpreneurs' Kiosks

Selasa, 20 April 2021 23:07 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 221

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Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy (Parekraf) collaborated with mural artists to beautify four kiosks owned by fostered micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) or Jakpreneurs.

Collaboration with mural artists is a small step to beautify the capital city

In detail, two kiosks are located on Jalan Purworejo, one on Jalan Pamekasan, and one on Kendal Tunnel.

Jakarta Parekraf Agency Acting Head (Plt), Gumilar Ekalaya mentioned, his side has provided space for artists and creative industry players to use their skills to beautify Jakarta.

"Collaboration with mural artists is a small step to beautify the capital city," he added, Tuesday (4/20).

He conveyed that it was pure collaboration program between Jakarta Government and the community. While Jakarta Parekraf Agency only provided Jakpreneur kiosks as their canvas.

"We have various public spaces that might be used as a place for mural artist to display their works," he said.

According to him, Jakarta Parekraf Agency has opened public spaces for collaboration with 17 creative economy sub-sectors players to participate in beautifying the capital.

"The concept of 'Jakarta City of Mural' is expected to be realized through good collaboration between Jakarta Government and community. Thus country's famous artists can display their works in public spaces in strategic locations," he explained.  

One of muralists involved in this project, Adi Setiawan or familiarly called Dhigel from Grafis Huru Hara stated, he made mural entitled "We Want to Sells Good" with hope it could attract people to visit those MSME kiosks.

"Not only shopping, but customers can take selfies in this location. Thus they can also indirectly promote the kiosk's location and goods sold by MSMEs," he conveyed.

He hopes he can often cooperate with Jakarta Government to promote public spaces in Jakarta thus it can be attractive spots for public to visit or promote.

"We want to build mutually beneficial cooperation between Jakarta Government, artists, and community," he asserted.