Kartini's Day, Central Jakarta Pusip Invites Students to Join Virtual Literacy Tour

Selasa, 20 April 2021 19:26 Folmer 172

(Foto: Folmer - Beritajakarta.id)

Commemorating Kartini's Day, Central Jakarta Library and Archive (Pusip) Sub-agency will hold virtual literacy tour on Wednesday (4/21).

There are various interesting activities in virtual literacy tour,

Central Jakarta Pusip Sub-agency Acting Head (Plt), Wahyu Prabowo conveyed, virtual literacy tour will invite SDN 01 Pagi Kampung Rawa students to take a tour to library which will be broadcasted.

"There are various interesting activities in virtual literacy tour, including introduction to the library, awareness of archive from early age, and library tour which broadcasted via video," he explained, Tuesday (4/28).

Not only introducing the library, there are also various games to increase students' knowledge about heroism and heroic stories.

He hopes this virtual literacy tour can fulfill students' longing for schools and libraries.

"Besides, this activity is expected to encourage students to love libraries and be enthusiastic in becoming a competent young generation," he mentioned.