Gongseng River Bridge Repaired

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Maria Inggita | April 13th, 2021 08:20 PM 20:20 WIB | Dibaca 62 kali
Gongseng River Bridge Repaired (Foto : TP Moan Simanjuntak / Beritajakarta.id)

Repair work on Gongseng River Bridge which located at RW 06 and 07 of Cijantung Urban Village, East Jakarta which was carried out since March 28, has now been completed.

" We dismantle the bridge and reinstall it in higher position"

East Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-agency's Road and Bridge Section Head, Ilham Raya mentioned, bridge with length 8 meters and width 3.5 meters was repaired because its position was very low. Thus when it rains heavily, there is high water discharge and lot of garbage stuck in the bridge which causes water to overflow into residential areas.

"We dismantle the bridge and reinstall it in higher position. Thus residents can cross the bridge safely and comfortably," he explained, Tuesday (4/13).

Not only elevating the bridge, but his side also changed bridge's construction from concrete to iron and border plates.

"We deploy 10 Bina Marga Unit personnel every day," he added.

Cijantung Urban Village Head, Haerudin said, residents appreciated Bina Marga for repairing this bridge which connecting RW 06 and RW 07. Local residents put banner with size 4x1.5 meters on the bridge as their expression of gratitude to Bina Marga personnel and East Jakarta Government.

"Our residents are very grateful and appreciate personnel for finishing this bridge repair," he stated.