Revitalization of Luar Batang Mosque Reaches 95 Percent

Kamis, 08 April 2021 18:25 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 148

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The revitalization of the Luar Batang Mosque, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, which is one of the cultural heritage buildings in the capital has reached 95 percent.

Luar Batang Mosque is ready to be used for tarawih night prayers starting from the first day

Jakarta Culture Agency Head Iwan Henry Wardhana disclosed the current work was only for finishing touch, which is focused on the exterior, adding ornaments, and providing signage.

"Luar Batang Mosque is ready to be used for tarawih night prayers starting from the first day. In overall, all major revitalization activities have been completed," he expressed, Thursday (4/8).

He explained it was predicted to be completed in the near future. While for the facilities for the congregation had been added.

"Adjusting the distance from the front of the entrance to the hall near the secretariat has been added to the row. It aims to anticipate a surge in congregations," he explained.

According to him, its revitalization included beautification with an artistic and modern touch and the improvement of facilities or facilities and infrastructure.

"We prioritize the authenticity of the heritage building. We also give Betawian ornaments touch in certain segments. We want to make this a religious tourism destination that can increase the solemnity of those who come here," he uttered.

He added it would become a religious tour and historical education that must be visited and an unforgettable experience for the congregation or pilgrims.

"Jakarta is not just a place for recreational tourism, but also offers tourism that is full of religious values, culture and history as a representation of Jakarta's civilization in order to increase the entry of tourists," he uttered.

As for the information, the mosque revitalization project has been carried out since last September. The governor also took the time to conduct prayers and then reviewed the cultural heritage mosque.