Marunda UPRS Welcomes Dispusip Books Rental Service

Rabu, 07 April 2021 19:09 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 189

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Marunda Public Housing Management Unit (UPRS) collaborates with Jakarta Library and Archive Agency (Dispusip) in providing Book Delivery Service program for Marunda Public Housing (Rusunawa) occupants. This program aims to maintain and improve people's interest in reading amidst limited activities due to COVID-19 pandemic.

We prioritize health protocols in providing this service

"This activity is trialled at Rusunawa Marunda in order to provide library service. Residents mostly stay at home and their activities have been reduced due to pandemic, so we provide rental book service thus they still have activities at home," said Bambang Chidir, Head of Jakarta Dispusip's Deposit, Collection Development, Service, and Preservation Division, Wednesday (4/7).

Bambang, who is also a librarian for Jakarta Dispusip stated, his side has provided 300 books packages for book rental service. It consists of story books, textbooks, religious books, skill learning books, motivational books, and others. In this trial, those books will be lent to three RTs, namely RT 01, 02, and 03. Each RTs consisted of 100 families. The process of borrowing books in each RTs is carried out by implementing health protocols.

"We prioritize health protocols in providing this service, where we have sterilized book, stored it in plastic and quarantined for a week before lending it to residents. We also ensure to apply health protocols when handing books over to residents," he explained.

His side has prepared book circulation method where residents can obtain various information from different books. On Tuesday (4/6), he added, his side delivered books to resident's house and start the reading period from Wednesday (4/7) to Sunday (4/11). Books that have been read will be returned on Monday (4/12). Later, those books will be quarantined for one week. Then on Tuesday (4/20), another sets of books that have been prepared will be sent to other residents.

"Books are lent in turn thus all residents, God willing, can be served and can read all the books. We also provide list for residents who want to read certain books for the next procurement," he mentioned.

Meanwhile, Marunda UPRS Head, Ageng Darmintono welcomed the Book Delivery Service program from Jakarta Dispusip. Moreover, there are more than 2,000 school-age children in Rusunawa Marunda thus he hopes this service can support children to develop reading habit during pandemic.

"Of course, this is an interesting idea during pandemic. It can also encourage younger generation in Rusunawa Marunda, since in the midst of pandemic there may be difficulties in accessing reading books. Thus this door-to-door book rental service is very helpful. Hopefully in the future, Rusunawa Marunda can be literacy village," he closed.