Monitoring Activities in Agro Edu Tourism and Fish Processing Site, Ariza Ensures Food Price Stability Ahead Ramadan

Reporter : Yudha Peta Ogara | Editor : Maria Inggita | March 29th, 2021 09:14 PM 21:14 WIB | Dibaca 144 kali
Monitoring Activities in Agro Edu Tourism and Fish Processing Site, Ariza Ensures Food Price Stability Ahead Ramadan (Foto : Yudha Peta Ogara /

Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria (Ariza) and his wife, Ellisa Sumarlin had the opportunity to monitor harvesting activity at Kamal Muara Nursery Agro Edu Tourism managed by Jakarta KPKP Agency on Jalan Raya Kamal, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, on Sunday (3/28) afternoon. Then it continued with monitoring fish processing site located in Kamal Muara.

" We continue to prepare plant seeds, from rice, fruits, vegetables, and flowers"

He mentioned the purpose from this monitoring was to ensure food stability, especially safe food stocks ahead of Ramadan 2021 or 1442 Hijri. Especially for seafood an processed seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

"Thank God, we will ensure food demand in Jakarta, although our land is very limited, we can meet Jakarta resident's need for food. So, Jakarta residents shouldn't be worried, since food stocks are adequate, thus it can meet the need of staple foods. During Ramadan Month, people's demand for meat and fish also, God willing, will not a problem," he mentioned, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

Furthermore, he also conveyed that although in a midst of pandemic, Jakarta Government still has strong commitment in maintaining food stability in Ramadan Month, both through BUMD food sector and Jakarta KPKP Agency. Jakarta Government will continue monitoring food availability, even the food demand increases by 10-15%, it is certain that Jakarta has sufficient foods and continues to maintain price stability.

In this monitoring, he also ensured that food quality was in a good condition, which spread throughout markets in Jakarta and its surrounding area with a stable and affordable prices.

"We ensure the stock is sufficient and safe, more than 1,820 samples have been tested and 100% safe and good. We, Jakarta, are normal like previous years, our preparedness is very good with sufficient amount of foods, with various types and prices. Its price also remains affordable. There is no significant increase in price," he said.

Besides, he also appealed the needs to improve collaboration with all elements of society. He always hopes that groups, communities, and organizations to concern about food security. Therefore, Jakarta Government welcomes various activities of communities and stakeholders in maintaining food security.

According to him, although there are many skyscrapers in Jakarta, Jakarta Government through KPKP Agency still cares about the importance of agriculture, fruit gardens, including flowers and so on. He also emphasized that food security is the foundation of society's life.

"I was invited by Mrs. Ely from KPKP with my wife Mrs. Ellisa to harvest crops at Agro Edu Tourism in Kamal Muara, North Jakarta. Earlier, we harvested breadfruit, dragon fruit, long beans, cassava, and others. The location is 3.6 hectares. In Jakarta, we have about 440 hectares rice fields scattered in several regions. We continue to prepare plant seeds, from rice, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Since the crops are limited, we don't sell it, but distribute it to the surrounding community, PJLP, and others," he explained.

After harvesting, he also visited fish processing site in Kamal Muara. He also appreciated fishermen and craftsmen in making seafood products, such as salted fish, from catching and drying fish until packing the products.

"I see the process from catching to drying fish, grouping and packing it. Thank God, we don't see any formalin used in here. It is a good process, healthy, safe, and always monitored and checked by laboratory. The results are good, not only for consumption in Indonesia and Jakarta, but also for export. KPKP Head, Mrs. Ely also guide them with her subordinates to ensure the products are healthy, good, neat, packed nicely, and have export quality. Jakarta Government will continue to carry out this activities to help fishermen and farmers around Jakarta," he stated.

This monitoring also attended by Jakarta KPKP Agency Acting Head (Plt), Suhairin Elyawati; Center for Seeds and Plant Protection UPT Head, Ali Nurdin; Kamal Muara Urban Village Head, Helwin.