Next Month, Dispusip will Provide Books Delivery Service at Rusunawa Marunda

Senin, 29 Maret 2021 13:31 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Maria Inggita 330

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Jakarta Library and Archive Agency (Dispusip) collaborates with Marunda Public Housing Management Unit (UPRS) to hold Book Delivery Service Program from April to November 2021 at Marunda Rental low-cost apartment (Rusunawa), North Jakarta.

Book Delivery Service is provided to fulfill people's needs for information, especially from books

Through this program, reading books will be distributed for Rusunawa Marunda occupants in order to develop reading culture amidst of limited activities due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Jakarta Dispusip's Deposit, Collection Development, Service, and Preservation Division Head, Bambang Chidir mentioned, this activity was carried out because of the lack of operation of current library facilities, both stationary and mobile library in RPTRA.

"Book Delivery Service is provided to fulfill people's needs for information, especially from books, can be provided and fulfilled as well as to develop reading culture," he said, Monday (3/29).

Jakarta Dispusip has prepared 1,200-2,400 reading books that will be distributed to all units in Rusunawa Marunda.

Most of the books are light reading books, such as inspirational and motivational books, skill books, religious books, fiction books, and so on.

"We provide books that can stimulate readers' ideas and innovations. Ahead of Ramadan Month, we also provide religious books. Reading activities is expected to eliminate boredom and add insights to Marunda Rusunawa occupants," he added.

According to him, reading period is started from Wednesday to Sunday. Every Tuesday, books will be sent to each units. Books that have been read must be returned on Monday. After that, those books will be quarantined for one week. On the following day, residents will be given other reading books that have been prepared for them.

Jakarta Dispusip has prepared book circulation system for Rusunawa occupants thus they can read various books and obtain information .

"After read it, they can suggest us about books they want to read next for procurement books selection," he stated.