Rekan Indonesia Supports Community-Based and Equitable COVID-19 Vaccination

Jumat, 19 Maret 2021 12:43 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Nugroho Adibrata 339

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The Indonesian Health Volunteers (Rekan Indonesia) fully support the Jakarta Provincial Government's policy to implement community-based and equitable vaccination for 10 million residents in Jakarta with a target of 150,000 vaccinations per day.

The Governor is very careful and precise in making this policy as conveyed in the C40 Mayoral Webinar forum

Rekan Indonesia Chairman Agung Nugroho said the COVID-19 vaccination was very important for all levels of society. Especially, according to the priority scale and the stages that had been determined.

"The Governor is very careful and precise in making this policy as conveyed in the C40 Mayoral Webinar forum. Thus vaccination program can be right on target according to its stages regardless of social status," he expressed, Friday (3/19).

Regional Leadership Collective Secretary (KPW) for Rekan Indonesia, Ravindra Anan revealed, concrete support would be realized by helping to socialize through the Indonesian Rekan citizen community at the RT level.

"We'll hold a Successful 10 Million Vaccination campaign for Jakartans by placing banners and campaigns in RTs and other strategic places to explain the importance of vaccination for residents to prevent severe symptoms if exposed to COVID-19," he explained.

He hoped that the campaign could become a social movement and be supported by all parties as it was for the common interest.

"Hopefully other elements may also do the same action for maximizing the Covid handling," he added.

As reported before, the governor gave his speech in C40 Mayoral Webinar forum virtually related with vaccine problems in cities in the world.

C40 is a network that connects 97 major cities in the world that have committed to take progressive steps related to climate change.

In his speech, he explained about the conditions of vaccination in Jakarta, where the city adminisis responsible for training vaccinators, maintaining the cold chain, encouraging public awareness to be vaccinated, and ensuring the mobilization of vulnerable groups to vaccine centers.

"Together with the Ministry of Health, about 8.8 million people in Jakarta are targeted to receive vaccine. As for priority group, it is targeting 3 million people and is expected to be completed by June 2021, other communities will be vaccinated starting July," he explained.

He also explained about vaccination strategies in the capital. Together with the ministry and private party, the city initiated a vaccination distribution program strategy by working with various parties via drive-thru vaccination, namely pickup services to vaccination sites for elderly, vaccination for traditional market traders, Mass Vaccination Centers run by state-owned enterprises (BUMN), and Utilizing all hospitals, community health centers (puskemas), schools, government offices, meetinghouses, and sports centers for vaccination.

"Our goal is to reach 150,000 vaccinations every day by implementing community-based vaccination for vaccination that is equitable (reaching all people). We run several actions by mobilizing the environment (RT/RW) and sending daily messages to inform vaccination targets," he stated.