2,695 Damaged Road Points Repaired in East Jakarta

Selasa, 16 Maret 2021 13:50 Nurito Maria Inggita 259

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

In March 2021, East Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-agency repaired 2.695 damaged road points in 10 sub-districts.

Particularly, we repair major roads at night thus it will not disrupt the traffic

East Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-agency's Road and Bridge Section Head, Ilham Raya stated, his side repaired 2,695 damaged road points which covered an area of 8,653.12 square meters on March 1-15. This repair was carried out on collector roads, connecting roads, and major roads.

"Particularly, we repair major roads at night thus it will not disrupt the traffic," he mentioned, Tuesday (3/16).

According to him, 188 Bina Marga Task Force personnel in 10 sub-districts and sub-agency were deployed to repair the damaged road points every day.

Those damaged road points were located on Jl. D.I. Panjaitan Jatinegara, Jl. M.T. Haryono Cawang, Jl. Raya Bogor, Jl. Komplek Griya of Tipar Cakung Public Housing, Jl. Raya Penggilingan and Jl. Komarudin.

"So far there is no obstacles in repair those roads. When it rains, we postpone the repair work until it gets sunny again to ensure our work is optimal," he said.