Social Agency Updates BST Recipients Data to Ensure BST is Distributed on Target

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Jakarta Government through Social Agency is currently updating data to ensure Social Cash Assistance (BST) distribution process is running well and on target.

For BST Phase 2, funds will be transferred simultaneously to beneficiary accounts in the second week of March 2021

Data is updated done due to changes in data that were adjusted with BST recipient categories, such as beneficiaries who died, moved outside Jakarta, have their marital status changed, capable or not capable economically, either PKH/BPNT receiver, and have regular income.

Jakarta Social Agency Head, Premi Lasari mentioned, data is updated based on proposal for deletion and new proposal from RT or RW through Urban Village Consultative Forum that was held in February. Due to changes in data, BST Phase 2 disbursement will be carried out in March, followed by Phase 3 disbursement.

"For BST Phase 2, funds will be transferred simultaneously to beneficiary accounts in the second week of March 2021. Except for new proposals that must wait for printing Bansos (social assistance) account book and ATM card. While for Phase 3 disbursement will be carried out by the end of March after completing Phase 2 fund transfer. God willing, it will be on time," she explained, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release on Friday (3/5).

The following are things that can affect social cash assistance (BST) COVID-19 2021 to stop being given to Beneficiary Families (KPM);

a. Misuse BST card (traded, misused, etc.)

b. There is changes in results of village meeting and field verification conducted by regional officers

c. Duplication in PKH/BPNT social assistance recipient

d. Recipients who have moved/died/no longer registered in DTKS

She continued, beneficiaries who are newly proposed in village deliberation forum are the result of BST Phase 1 evaluation and meet the criteria for obtaining social assistance. The beneficiaries will receive assistance in March 2021 according to BST card distribution schedule that will be informed by Bank DKI. "For BST recipients who cannot attend or are not represented will be re-invited at 2nd to 3rd invitations to take BST account card according to predetermined schedule," he explained.

For information, BST is given to people who have Jakarta ID card and family of social staple food assistance recipient in 2020, whose data has been updated and matched from Jakarta Population and Civil Registration Agency. BST doesn't apply to residents who have received social assistance from Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT). Jakarta Government BST is taken from Jakarta APBD and distributed to BST recipient's Bank DKI account in amount of Rp 300,000/family/month which distributed for 4 months.

If BST recipient loses ATM card, BST recipient can block it first by calling Bank DKI Call Center at (021) 1500351. Then, BST recipient can make Certification of Loss at local police station and make a request for new ATM card or saving card at the nearest Bank DKI service office. On the other hand, if BST recipient forgets ATM pin or their ATM pin is blocked, they can ask to reset ATM pin at the nearest Bank DKI.

Information about BST Phase 2 beneficiaries names can be checked through website Questions and complaints can be submitted to Jakarta Social Agency call center via telephone number (021) 426 5115 or mobile phone 0821-1142-0717 (WhatsApp chat) at 08:00-17:00 on weekdays (Monday to Friday).