East Jakarta Has Conducted Fire Socialization in 1,236 Locations

Rabu, 03 Maret 2021 12:55 Nurito Nugroho Adibrata 256

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

The East Jakarta Fire and Rescue (Gulkarmat) Sub-agency has noted that fire socialization has been conducted in 1,263 locations. It is accompanied by the socialization and education of health protocols to contain the spread of COVID-19.

It aims to avoid the crowds, that's why we do socialization in a different way

East Jakarta Fire and Rescue Sub-agency Head Muchtar Zakaria said the socialization was done by going around the village using a motorbike or operational car while through a loudspeaker.

"It aims to avoid the crowds, that's why we do socialization in a different way," he expressed, Wednesday (3/3).

According to him, it is scheduled at 9 AM and 4 PM to 5 PM. It was deemed effective, as most people were not doing activities. Thus they got the maximum benefits.

East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-agency's Prevention Division Head Edi Parwoko added, after socialization, firefighters also put up stickers or pamphlets appealing to the public to remain alert to fire hazards, including about discipline of health protocols.

"During January-February, we have touched in 1,263 locations. 300 are places of worship, 940 are neighborhood roads, and 23 are education institutions," he said.

To smoothen it, for two months, he alerted 118 cars, 357 motobikes plus 857 personnel.

He added a number of locations used as places for socialization were including at Al Ikhlas Mosque on Jalan Gongseng RT 01/10 Cijantung Urban Village, At Taqwa Musala on Jalan Bhakti RT 05/09 Baru Urban Village.

Then Al Mukhlisin Mosque RT 01/06 Susukan Urban Village, Jalan Masjid Al Umar RT 008/12 Lubang Buaya, Gg. Anggrek IV RT 004/02 Lubang Buaya, Jalan Bumi Harapan Permai Dukuh, Kramat Jati, SMK Bina Medika on Jalan Assyafiiyah RT 04/03 Cilangkap Urban Village, and some populated densely areas.

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