Adhyaksa Hospital: 528 Elderly People have Been Vaccinated

Selasa, 02 Maret 2021 19:17 Nurito 182

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The Adhyaska Hospital, Ceger, Cipayung, East Jakarta has noted that more than 528 elderly people have had COVID-19 vaccination as of February 20 to March 2.

20 medics are alerted to serve them

According to Diah Eko Judihartanti, Head of Adhyaksa Hospital, the vaccine service at the hospital was held three times a week, namely every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. On that day, she was able to serve 150 persons.

Prior to vaccine, she explained, they had registered first online and received confirmation of the schedule and place of execution.

"20 medics are alerted to serve them," she expressed, Tuesday (3/2).

She added those medics were divided into four fields, namely registration, screening, vaccination and observation.

"We remain implement health protocols during the COVID vaccination service," she stated.

East Jakarta Mayor Muhammad Anwar accompanied by the Health Sub-agency Head Indra Setiawan and Cipayung Sub-district Head Wawa Kartiiwa, directly monitored the process of vaccine injection at the hospital in the afternoon.

The mayor uttered the hospital had implemented the health protocol rules properly. They also limited the number of patients in anticipation of crowds.

"This is very good and important in anticipation of illness for the elderly who come if there are too many," he stressed.

He urged those who had undergone vaccination should live a clean and healthy life, and apply health protocols in their daily lives.

"By so, they may increasingly realize that COVID-19 does exist and is very threatening," he stated.