COVID-19 Vaccine Given to 216 Elderly People in Pademangan

Kamis, 25 Februari 2021 17:57 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 298

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Total 216 elderly residents in Pademangan Sub-district, North Jakarta had received COVID-19 vaccination as of today.

Target vaccination per day is around 100 elderly people

Pademangan Sub-district Health Center (Puskesmas) Head, Octaviana Carolina mentioned, her side has prepared everything to ensure COVID-19 vaccination for elderly people to run well and safely.

"If candidates are not in safe criteria, they will not be vaccinated, but will be educated to always comply with health protocols. Target vaccination per day is around 100 elderly people and we have prepared 11 vaccinators," she explained, Thursday (2/25).

Her side encouraged people who have been vaccinated to continue implementing health protocols in their daily activities. She also reminded about the importance of COVID-19 vaccines for elderly by registering them first at website and pass all requirements, such as age over 60 years old and having Jakarta ID-card (KTP).

"Before being injected with vaccine, they must complete health screening first to ensure they are in healthy condition. After vaccination, they will enter observation stage," she added.

According to her, COVID-19 vaccination program will be socialized continuously by COVID-19 Task Force at RT/RW levels using video and digital infographics.

"Education to public regarding COVID-19 vaccination is still ongoing thus residents can receive information completely and it can strengthen their desire to participate in vaccination program," she conveyed.