North Jakarta Mayor Monitors Vaccination for Elderly People at RSUD Pademangan

Rabu, 24 Februari 2021 22:11 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 247

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COVID-19 vaccination for elderly carried out in several locations in North Jakarta, one of them was at RSUD Pademangan (Regional Public Hospital), Pademangan Sub-district.

Today, I come to monitor vaccination for elderly at RSUD Pademangan to make sure vaccination is under control

Today, North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim and related officials monitored COVID-19 vaccination at the location. From this monitoring, his side wanted to ensure vaccination activity went well and no crowds when people queuing.

"Today, I come to monitor vaccination for elderly at RSUD Pademangan to make sure vaccination is under control," he conveyed, Wednesday (2/24).

He emphasized that government through sub-district, urban village, have cooperated with RSUD Pademangan regarding COVID-19 vaccination for elderly. For example, in socializing vaccination activity to the potential participants who have registered through online system. Socialization was carried out by local RT/RW administrators to their residents.

"Indeed, for this initial stage, most residents still register manually. There are also some people who register online. We will continue to evaluate cooperation between agencies to prevent 'crash' in queuing process," he asserted.

The person in charge of vaccination for elderly at RSUD Pademangan, Santhy Payung conveyed, in this vaccination activity, her side targeted around 80 elderly residents to be vaccinated per day. So far, her side has vaccinated 138 elderly residents at RSUD Pademangan. She also ensured all participants were in a good condition after undergoing COVID-19 vaccination.  

"This vaccination is carried out with the same procedures. Registration, health screening, vaccination, and observation. Those who have been vaccinated with first dose must return to get second dose of vaccine in the next 28 days," she explained.

North Jakarta Elderly People Communication Forum (FKLU) Chairperson, Ratih said she was grateful for elderly people enthusiasm in Pademangan for COVID-19 vaccination program.

According to her, FKLU administrators at city, sub-district, and urban village levels helped to promote COVID-19 vaccination through socialization. Other cadres such as PKK and Dasawisma also helped socializing it.

"Not only socializing it, we also monitor in vaccination process, especially elderly people who complain about  side-effects after vaccination. But, Thank God, so far no participants who complain about it," she mentioned.

One of the participants, Yenny Zain (68) said he didn't experience any significant effects after being injected. He was very grateful for having the opportunity to receive COVID-19 vaccine to build immunity for COVID-19.

"I am not afraid of vaccine. I only feel sore in my arm but after applying eucalyptus oil and it doesn't feel sore anymore," he stated.