KPKP Agency Provides Health Service for Animals Affected by Flood

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | February 23rd, 2021 11:11 AM 11:11 WIB | Dibaca 63 kali
KPKP Agency Provides Health Service for Animals Affected by Flood (Foto : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing /

Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Agency provides health service for animals affected by flood in five Jakarta regions on February 21-26, 2021 at 09:00-15:00 every day.

" Animal health examination is provided free of charge"

Jakarta KPKP Agency Acting Head (Plt), Suharini Eliawati mentioned, this service was provided as a quick response in ensuring health and safety of pets affected by flood.

This health service includes complete physical examination, such as breathing, digestion, extremity/limb (legs), and check whether there is trauma/ psychological disorders or not.

"If there is abnormality in examination, we will treat it based on complaints. For supportive therapy, we give them immune-boosting vitamins," she explained, Tuesday (2/23).

Her side ensured to provide animal health service in strategic locations where it can be reached by pet owners who are affected by flood.

For this reason, Jakarta residents who need assistance to check their pets' health can contact KPKP Agency's contact persons below:

1. Jakarta KPKP Agency (drh. Rismiati 081290485232)

2. Central Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency

(drh. Dwi Yani Herawati - 081584493988)

3. South Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency

(drh. Kusniati Odilia - 081317948004)

4. North Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency

(Ir. Risa Krisnanti - 08151860919)

5. East Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency

(drh. Irma Budiany - 085210989676)

6. West Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency

(Ir. Churniatun - 087878625025)

7. Center for Animal Health Service and Animal Husbandry

(drh. Renova - 081218129670)

"Animal health examination is provided free of charge," she asserted.

For information, KPKP Agency also gives tips on caring pets after flood, such as to ensure your pet shelter is safe from flood; give  pets food and drink according to their needs.

Then, place your pets in cage or in a safe, comfort, and warm place; and observe pets' behaviour if they are showing symptoms of strees or unusual behavior, give a gentle pet and treat them with love.  

Next, provide additional supplements or vitamins thus they can be more fit and less stressed; and if there are disorders, such as stress, refuse to eat, fever, flu and looks weak, please immediately contact your veterinarian or local KPKP Sub-agency or Agency who is competent to treat them.