PT. MRT Jakarta Has Performed Disaster Mitigation

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | February 22nd, 2021 11:45 PM 23:45 WIB | Dibaca 170 kali
PT. MRT Jakarta Has Performed Disaster Mitigation (Foto : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing /

PT. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta carried out disaster mitigation as an effort to anticipate extreme weather.

" Each MRT personnel in stations are also given training and carry out routine simulation"

PT. MRT Jakarta Operation and Maintenance Director, Muhammad Effendi said, he had reviewed and seen first hand the water pump test in station.

"Water pump is operating well or in prime condition. In station's entrance area, our team also worked well to make water runoff due to heavy rain and entrance's position which is lower than the road," he mentioned, Monday (2/22).

He explained, several water traps or drainage channels to drain runoff from buildings or roads to city drainage had also been made.

"We use special submersible pump that has been installed in entrance area, particularly at Setiabudi Astra and Istora Mandiri Stations since January 2020 because some entrances are lower than the road," he added.

According to him, pumps will drain standing water around the entrance to city drainage. Furthermore, his side had also prepared seven infiltration wells in pedestrian area of Setiabudi Astra Stations which prone to inundation.

MRT Jakarta construction, he continued, had been equipped with disaster mitigation, such as flood, since the planning stage. In designing process, PT. MRT Jakarta used flood analysis data and hydrological reports for the past 200 years.

"Underground station entrance position is at an altitude of up to 1.5 meters from ground based on flood data in Jakarta," he conveyed.

Every underground stations had been equipped with water pumps and flood barriers at each entrance. Number of water level sensors were also installed at Krukut River which connected to the Operation Control Center (OCC).

"In addition of equipment and infrastructure readiness, each MRT personnel in stations are also given training and carry out routine simulation related to disaster evacuation, including flood. Especially when disaster occurs during MRT Jakarta operating hours," he stated.