Update on COVID-19 Cases in Jakarta, Beware of Transmission in Family Cluster

Reporter : Yudha Peta Ogara | Editor : Maria Inggita | January 20th, 2021 10:52 PM 22:52 WIB | Dibaca 310 kali
Update on COVID-19 Cases in Jakarta, Beware of Transmission in Family Cluster (Foto : / Beritajakarta.id)

COVID-19 cases in Jakarta return to increase after declining in the last few days. It should be aware, since there is an increase in family clusters over the past week. Community should take a part to stop COVID-19 transmission by continuing to implement 3M and avoiding crowd. Jakarta Government will also intensify 3T in overcoming the outbreak.

" Based on data collected from January 11-17, 2021, the proportion of family cluster continued to increase from the previous weeks"

Jakarta Health Agency's Disease Prevention and Control Division Head, Dwi Oktavia stated, based on the latest data from Jakarta Health Agency, PCR test has been carried out for 17,815 specimens. From that amount, 15,218 specimens have been tested today to diagnose new cases with total of 2,901 positive results and 12,317 negative results.

"There are additional 3,786 positive cases because there are accumulation data as many as 885 positive cases from 1 BUMN hospital within the last 3 days and 1 TNI hospital within the last 7 days that have just been reported as of today. For information, 210,355 PCR test have been carried out per 1 million population. While the number of people tested for PCR in the past week reached 102,183," she explained as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, on Wednesday (1/20).  

She explained about distribution of cases as of today, consisting of 733 cases in East Jakarta, 615 cases in South Jakarta, 677 cases in West Jakarta, 369 cases in North Jakarta, 185 cases in Central Jakarta, and 5 cases in Thousand Islands, with registered addresses outside Jakarta as many as 277 cases (7%) and 925 cases (24%) with unreported addresses.

Based on data collected from January 11-17, 2021, the proportion of family cluster continued to increase from the previous weeks, from 40%, 41%, 43%, and now 44%. While the office cluster decreased into 2.7%. After Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays, on January 3-17, 2021, there were 442 family clusters with 1,241 positive cases, where most of them traveled from West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, and Banten using private vehicles.

The peak of additional cases due to Nataru holidays (direct effect/first generation) is predicted within 14 days after the holidays or on January 17-31, 2021. For this reason, people should be aware of increase in family cluster. She urged people to continue implementing 3M and avoid crowds. People are also expected to remind others to always comply with health protocols.

"For people who obtain positive COVID-19 result, please contact the nearest health center (puskesmas) to analyze your health conditions based on the symptoms. For patients without symptoms or with minor symptoms will be instructed to do self-isolation or controlled isolation. While for patients with moderate, severe symptoms and in critical condition, will be directed to get treatment in hospitals and puskesmas can help to find referral hospitals. But, if you have difficulties, please contact Jakarta Health Agency's COVID-19 Response Post (24 hours) at 112 or 081 112 112 112," she informed.

Number of positive cases increased by 2,009 cases thus in total it reached 21,224 active cases as of today (including people who are still being treated/isolated). While for total confirmed cases in Jakarta as of today reached 236,075 cases. From that amount, 210,983 people recovered with recovery rate of 89.4% and 3,868 people died with mortality rate of 1.6%. While mortality rate in Indonesia reached 2.9%.

For positivity rate or positive cases percentage in the past week in Jakarta reached 16.7%, while the percentage of positive cases in total reached 9.7%. WHO also set standard positive cases percentage no more than 5%.

Jakarta Satpol PP will give sanction for anyone who don't wear mask and violate health protocols, as well as intensify guest book data collection. It is hoped that people can be more disciplined in implementing health protocols and participating in breaking the chain of COVID-19 transmission.

The following is the recap data on violations and sanctions submitted by Satpol PP as of January 19, 2021 at 8 PM.

A. Individual (Not Wearing Masks)

- Social Work Sanction = 2,046

- Administrative Fines = 47

Total = 2,093

B. Restaurants

- Administrative Fines = 1

- Temporary Suspension of Activity = 19

- Dismissal and Written Warning = 91

- License Revocation = 0

- Zero Violation = 551

Total = 662

C. Workplaces, Business Places, and Industrial Places

- Administrative Fines = 0

- Temporary Suspension of Activity for 3x24 Hours = 1

- Written Warning = 39

- License Revocation = 0

- Zero Violation = 382

Total = 422

• Administrative Fines Collected

- Individual = Rp 8,400,000

- Restaurants = Rp 1,000.000

- Workplaces, Business Places, and Industrial Places = 0

Total Amount = Rp 9,400,000

Jakarta Provincial Government is still opening opportunity for residents who want to provide assistance to the others who affected by COVID-19 through Large-scale Social Collaboration (KSBB) Program. Residents can provide assistance in form of staple food, ready meals, or funds. Detailed information regarding KSBB can be accessed via site https://corona.jakarta.go.id/kolaborasi.