Latest COVID-19 Information in Jakarta as of January 16, 2021

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | January 16th, 2021 08:43 PM 20:43 WIB | Dibaca 241 kali
Latest COVID-19 Information in Jakarta as of January 16, 2021 (Foto : Istimewa /

Jakarta Government intensifies holding PCR test massively to find new cases quickly. By this way, the task force can take an immediate act regarding isolation or treatment measures in order to reduce the potential for COVID-19 transmission.

" For information, 222,761 PCR test have been carried out per 1 million population"

Jakarta Health Agency's Disease Prevention and Control Division Head, Dwi Oktavia stated, based on the latest data from Jakarta Health Agency, PCR test has been carried out for 16,924 specimens. From that amount, 14,218 specimens have been tested today to diagnose new cases with total of 3,232 positive results and 10,986 negative results.

"There are additional 3,536 positive cases because there are accumulation data as many as 304 positive cases from 1 private hospital and 1 private laboratory within the last three days that have just been reported as of today. For information, 222,761 PCR test have been carried out per 1 million population. While the number of people tested for PCR in the past week reached 102,992," she explained as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, on Saturday (1/16).  

Number of positive cases increased by 1,289 cases thus in total it reached 22,089 positive cases as of today (including people who are still being treated/isolated). While for total confirmed cases in Jakarta as of today reached 223,970 cases. From that amount, 198,136 people recovered with recovery rate of 88.5% and 3,745 people died with mortality rate of 1.7%. While mortality rate in Indonesia reached 2.9%.

For positivity rate or positive cases percentage in the past week in Jakarta reached 18.5%, while the percentage of positive cases in total reached 9.4%. WHO also set standard positive cases percentage no more than 5%.

Jakarta Government advised people who want to enter Jakarta to carry out self-examination for COVID-19 through JakCLM feature at JAKI application. By using JakCLM, people can get information about COVID-19 risks and various recommendations according to the risks they have. People's contribution in filling JakCLM can help Jakarta Government in preventing COVID-19 spread in Jakarta.

Jakarta Satpol PP will also give sanction for anyone who don't wear mask and violate health protocols, as well as intensify guest book data collection. It is hoped that people can be more disciplined in implementing health protocols and participating in breaking the chain of COVID-19 transmission.

The following is the recap data on violations and sanctions submitted by Satpol PP as of January 15, 2021 at 8 PM.

A. Individual (Not Wearing Masks)

- Social Work Sanction = 1871

- Administrative Fines = 30

Total = 1901

B. Restaurants

- Administrative Fines = 0

- Temporary Suspension of Activity = 3

- Dismissal and Written Warning = 45

- License Revocation = 1

- Zero Violation = 391

Total = 440

C. Workplaces, Business Places, and Industrial Places

- Administrative Fines = 0

- Temporary Suspension of Activity for 3x24 Hours = 0

- Written Warning = 58

- License Revocation = 0

- Zero Violation = 457

Total = 515

D. Administrative Fines Collected

- Individual = Rp 5,250,000

- Restaurants = 0

- Workplaces, Business Places, and Industrial Places = 0

Total Amount = Rp 5,250,000

Always remember to pay attention and implement these principles in daily activities:

•Stay at home and don't go outside if not urgent

•Implement 3M: wear mask properly, maintain safe distance of 1.5-2 meters, and wash your hands with soap and running water regularly

•All activities that are permitted to operate should limit capacity by maximum 50% and comply with strict health protocols   

•Remind the others to always implement health protocols

Jakarta Provincial Government is still opening opportunity for residents who want to provide assistance to the others who affected by COVID-19 through Large-scale Social Collaboration (KSBB) Program. Residents can provide assistance in form of staple food, ready meals, or funds. Detailed information regarding KSBB can be accessed via site