Social Agency and Bank DKI Start to Distribute Social Cash Assistance

Rabu, 13 Januari 2021 20:17 Wuri Setyaningsih 316

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Starting Tuesday (1/12), Jakarta Social Agency together with Bank DKI distributed Jakarta Government's Social Cash Assistance (BST) in stages as an effort to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the community. This assistance was distributed by implementing strict health protocols.

BST distributed to recipient's account and given in form of Bank DKI savings cards and ATM cards

PT. Bank DKI Corporate Secretary, Herry Djufraini mentioned, Jakarta BST is worth of Rp 300,000/month which is given for four months, from January to April 2021.

"BST distributed to recipient's account and given in form of Bank DKI savings cards and ATM cards. BST will be distributed to 1,055,216 recipients in stages starting January 2021 and taking turns from one municipality/regency to the others," he conveyed in written statement on Wednesday (1/13).

There are 160 distribution locations in each regions of Jakarta.

By implementing strict health protocols, Bank DKI and Jakarta Social Agency distributed BST up to 500 recipients a day in each location.

Social unit heads will send invitation to RT/RW, then to each beneficiary families or BST recipients no later than D-1 of the distribution.

In BST distribution location, recipients should wear masks, wash hands, have their body temperature checked, and maintain safe distance inside and outside of BST distribution location.

"BST recipients are required to bring invitations, ID cards (KTP), and family cards (original and copies). If the recipient is unable to attend on their schedule, he/she will be invited again on the second invitation to the third after the first stage of distribution has completed in 5 Jakarta municipalities and Thousand Islands Regency," he explained.

In BST distribution, Jakarta Government trusted Bank DKI since it has experienced in supporting various Jakarta Government's programs, such as Kartu Jakarta Pintar Plus (KJP Plus/Jakarta Smart Card Plus), Kartu Jakarta Mahasiswa Unggul (KJMU/Jakarta Excellent Student Card), Kartu Lansia Jakarta (KLJ/Jakarta Elderly Card), Kartu Penyandang Disabilitas Jakarta (KPDJ/Jakarta Disability Card), Kartu Pekerja Jakarta (KPJ/Jakarta Worker Card), and others.