JPS: Let's Comply with Strict PSBB Rules

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | January 12th, 2021 12:34 PM 12:34 WIB | Dibaca 157 kali
JPS: Let's Comply with Strict PSBB Rules (Foto : /

As reported earlier, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan extended Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in the capital by two weeks to further suppress virus transmission. Seeing this matter, Jakarta Public Service (JPS) urges the wider community, including the business world, to comply with the stipulated provisions.

" Monitoring and sanctions are important, ensuring all related parties comply with the rules"

JPS Executive Director Mohammad Syaiful Jihad said, the Governor Decree number 19/2021 on Enforcement, Duration and Limitation of PSBB, which are a follow-up to the direction of the central government, have regulated a number of aspects.

As for a number of policies or restrictions that are regulated, namely:

1. Government, BUMN, BUMD, and private offices implement an even stricter work-from-home policy that requires 75 percent of workers

2. The activities of essential sectors such as energy, communications, IT, finance, logistics, hospitality, industry, basic services, public utilities, and national vital objects. Besides markets, supermarkets can run 100% with strict health protocols

3. Construction activities can run 100% with strict health protocols

4. Teaching and learning activities are still carried out remotely

5. Restaurant can only accept dine-in until 7 PM with a capacity of 25 percent. However, 24-hour take away is still allowed or according to operating hours

6. Shopping center closes at 7 PM

7. Worship activities must be in a capacity limit of 50%

8. Health facility activities can operate 100% with health protocols

9. Public area activities in public facilities and all socio-cultural activities are temporarily closed

10. Public transportation passengers are limited to 50 percent of their normal capacity and ojek (motorcycle taxi) online still operates by having to implement health protocols

"Let's obey it together thus COVID-19 cases in Jakarta can be minimized," he expressed, Tuesday (1/12).

He explained, the reduced number of COVID-19 cases would make controlled inpatient occupancy, not exceeding the safe threshold set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Even, it was also able to minimize the capacity of the isolation area.

"Don't let them over capacity which can have a negative effect in handling this virus," he explained.

He called on Satpol PP together with regional apparatus organization (OPD) and other related units to optimally conduct monitoring in the field.

"Monitoring and sanctions are important, ensuring all related parties comply with the rules. Public safety and health is the main thing," he said.

He added that the public needed to continuously comply with health protocols by wearing masks when doing activities outside the home, maintaining physical distancing and away from crowds, and washing hands with soap in running water or using hand sanitizers.

"So always do a clean and healthy lifestyle or PHBS, consume vitamins and eat nutritious foods," he closed.