Tax Realization in Jakarta as of December 31, 2020 Reaches Rp 31.9 Trillion

Jumat, 01 Januari 2021 19:16 Adriana Megawati Maria Inggita 596

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Jakarta Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) recorded regional taxes realization as of December 31, 2020 reached Rp 31.9 trillion from Revised Regional Budget (APBD-P) 2020 target Rp 32.4 trillion.

The highest tax contribution is still from PBB-P2

Jakarta Bapenda Head, Mohammad Tsani Annafari mentioned, Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected tax revenue realization in this year.

The highest contribution in tax realization was Land and Building Tax of Urban and Rural Sector (PBB-P2) with Rp 8.9 trillion from target Rp 9.4 trillion, which followed by Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) around Rp 7.8 trillion from target Rp 8 trillion.

"Until now, tax realization in Jakarta reached about Rp 31.9 trillion from target Rp 32.4 trillion. The highest tax contribution is still from PBB-P2," he added, Friday (1/1).

Meanwhile, the Acquisition Duty of Right on Land and Building (BPHTB) reached about Rp 4.6 trillion from target Rp 5 trillion,  vehicle-ownership transfer fee (BBNKB) reached about Rp 3.6 trillion from target Rp 3.7 trillion, restaurant tax reached about Rp 1.9 trillion from target Rp 1.85 trillion.

Realization for motor vehicle fuel tax (PBBKB) reached about Rp 995 billion from target Rp 950 billion, billboard tax with Rp 827 billion from target Rp 775 billion, streetlight tax (PPJ) with Rp 778 billion from target Rp 775 billion, hotel tax with Rp 753

billion from target Rp 675 billion.

Cigarette tax realization reached Rp 793 billion from target Rp 690 billion, parking tax Rp 337 billion from target Rp 325 billion, entertainment tax Rp 220 billion from target Rp 215 billion.

"Then, groundwater tax realization reached Rp 78 billion from target Rp 75 billion," he closed.