Vice Governor Attends Launching of 'Jaket Bus' Transaction Service App

Kamis, 31 Desember 2020 20:46 Mustaqim Amna Nugroho Adibrata 411

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Jakarta Vice Governor Ahmad Ariza Patria attended attended the Grand Launching of the Jakarta Electronic Ticketing Bus (Jaket Bus) Application at the Pulo Gebang Integrated Terminal, East Jakarta. Its launching was done by the Transportation Minister Budi Karya Samadi, on Thursday (12/31).

It is expected to create new breakthroughs in the transportation sector services

According to the vice governor, the application would be very help the public with the convenience presented by means of electronic transportation ticket transaction services when going out of the region. It was deemed capable of changing the habits of passengers to use transactions from cash to cashless, as well as anticipate ticket brokers and illegal levies.

"It is expected to create new breakthroughs in the transportation sector services. Surely we strongly support it in advancing transportation services," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

Transportation Minister Budi Karya added that the application could be download via Play Store and Apps Store. The convenience in electronic services is expected to save time and money for the community in ordering tickets to their destination by using only a device.

"We need the support of all Indonesian people, especially organda, thus we can socialize the application. It is because it covers all land transport routes in Indonesia. Especially in Jakarta, there was previously Jak Lingko to integrate all public transportation within the region, now with this new application you can imagine how the progress of transportation services will be," he explained.

After the launching, the vice governor also accompanied the Minister to monitor the service process at the Pulo Gebang Integrated Terminal, where during the COVID-19 pandemic, health protocols had to be implemented. Prospective passengers are required to have an attached letter such as the results of the antigen swab test before proposing the departure administration.

"Of course, this pandemic has made officers tighten maintenance of health protocols," told the vice governor.

As for the information, the Jaket Bus launching was attended by Public Transportation General Director, Budi Setiyadi; East Jakarta Mayor, M. Anwar; Jakarta Transportation Agency Head, Syafrin Liputo; and Greater Jakarta Transportation Management Agency (BPTJ) Head, Polana B. Pramesti.