Connecting Channel Dredging Work in Rawa Sawah Targeted to Finish in January 2021

Kamis, 31 Desember 2020 19:35 Folmer 300

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Connecting channel dredging work carried out on Jalan Rawa Sawah V RW 03, Kampung Rawa Urban Village, Johar Baru, Central Jakarta that has been started since November 2020 is targeted to finish in mid January 2021.

During the dredging work, we always implement strict health protocols

Johar Baru Sub-district Unit Head, Rudi Prasetya stated, 21 personnel were deployed to dredge the connecting channel with length 248 meters and height and depth dimension of 1.5x1.5 meters  

"During the dredging work, we always implement strict health protocols," he added, Thursday (12/31).

According to him, since November 27 until this day, his personnel had dredged channel along 115 meters or about 46 percent of total length. From that dredging, his side had collected 2,000 sacks full of mud which equivalent of 72 cubic meters.

"Mud thickness reaches about 80 centimeters," he conveyed.

After parts of channel has been dredged, his side keeps the channel opened to minimize inundation around the location.

"We also remind residents for not littering the channel," he mentioned.