Ahead of New Year's Eve, East Jakarta Mayor Encourages Residents to Avoid Crowd

Selasa, 29 Desember 2020 13:43 Nurito Maria Inggita 500

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar encouraged residents for not gathering on the New Year's Eve, Thursday (12/31), to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Satpol PP will sweep the area and disperse the crowd they see on the roads

According to him, residents should avoid crowds because COVID-19 cases in Jakarta are still high.

"I have instructed all sub-district and urban village heads, as well as related agencies to monitor residents so they don't carry out convoy on the roads and cause crowd on New Year's Eve," he stated, Tuesday (12/29).

His side also instructed Satpol PP in sub-district and urban village levels to monitor residents activities in different locations to prevent crowds.

"Satpol PP will sweep the area and disperse the crowd they see on the roads," he asserted.

From March to December, he informed, number of COVID-19 cases in East Jakarta has reached more than 32 thousand cases with average spread rate that could reach around 200-300 cases a day.

"Most COVID-19 cases occurred in Cakung and Duren Sawit Sub-districts because those are densely populated areas," he mentioned.