Here are Things You Should Know About JIS Training Fields

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | December 28th, 2020 09:59 PM 21:59 WIB | Dibaca 225 kali
Here are Things You Should Know About JIS Training Fields (Foto : Istimewa /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan inaugurated two training fields of Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) which located in Kebon Bawang, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, via online. The symbolic inauguration was marked by a ball kick by PT. Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro/Perseroda) President Director, Dwi Wahyu Daryoto.

" JIS area is also expected to support urban regeneration in North Jakarta"

Anies mentioned that JIS construction must prioritize quality and maintenance to ensure the quality doesn't decline, even it is expected to be improved.

"I would like to thank all components who work in here. I hope players from Persija and others can optimize what we already have today," he stated, Monday (12/28).

According to him, environmentally friendly concept should be taken seriously and applied not only at the beginning but also at the time of use, therefore everyone should take good care of it.

PT. Jakpro President Director, Dwi Wahyu Daryoto conveyed, the green building concept is also seen in field grass maintenance where his side releases 10 pied stilts every day for four hours to eat weeds and grass pests.

"We raise pied stilts, with cages and guards too. JIS area is also expected to support urban regeneration in North Jakarta. Current progress of stadium's construction with capacity of 82 thousand spectators has reached 42.11 percent by the 69th week, where initially we targeted it to reach 40.90 percent," he informed.

Now the deviation rate is getting more positive as much as 1.21 percent. PT. Jakpro (Perseroda) together with KSO Wika Gedung, Jaya Konstruksi and PP are committed in completing JIS according to predetermined targets.

The benefit of using hybrid grass, he continued, is that it can be used for up to 1,000 hours for competition. While for natural grass can only be used for 300 hours. Besides, hybrid grass has good water absorption. It means, water will fall faster to the lowest layer of grass. According to FIFA standards, standing water in JIS field is designed to not last more than 10 seconds.

"By using hybrid grass, it is possible for JIS to hold two official FIFA standard matches in a day," he added.

Moreover, hybrid grass is considered very suitable for coastal climatic condition. This is the main consideration for his side to choose using hybrid grass in the main stadium and two JIS training fields, because JIS is located not far from north coast of Jakarta. Hybrid grass is also believed to be a trend of modern football fields in the future.

For information, here are information about JIS training fields that were recently inaugurated:

1. FIFA standard Playing Field with size 165x68 meters

2. Grass with quality equivalent to the main field of FOP (field of play)

3. Resistance and durability 2-3 times stronger

4. Stands with capacity of 600 people

5. Field facilities are equivalent to world-class stadium

6. It can hold official matches for junior teams, national teams, and clubs

7. It has FIFA standard watering and drainage system

8. FIFA standard amenities