KPKP Holds Virtual Events on Christmas and New Year Holidays

Sabtu, 26 Desember 2020 21:07 Adriana Megawati Maria Inggita 383

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Jakarta Maritime Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Agency holds variety of virtual events in this Christmas and New Year holidays.

All events are broadcast on KPKP Agency's social media, everybody can join the virtual events

Jakarta KPKP Agency Head, Suharini Eliawati conveyed, her side provided virtual events for Jakartans in Christmas and New Year holidays.

Due to high number of Covid-19 cases made Jakarta Government to tighten Transitional PSBB regulations in this holiday.

It was regulated in the Gubernatorial Instruction (Ingub) No. 64/2020 on Controlling Implementation and Gubernatorial Appeal (Sergub) No. 17/2020 on Controlling Community Activities.

"In celebrating Christmas and New Year holidays, KPKP Agency carries out various events," she mentioned, Saturday (12/26).

Those events will be held virtually by Jakarta KPKP Agency from December 24 until early January 2021, namely:

December 24

1. Consultation on urban farming, fisheries, marine, and animal husbandry in Thousand Islands

2. Live on Youtube with North Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency on Vegetable Cultivation and Pest Control

3. Talkshow with walnut community in West Jakarta

4. Jak on Mart Launching  by East Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency

5. Museum Virtual Tour at Tidung Kecil Island Whale Skeleton Museum together with Center for Aquaculture and Marine Conservation

December 26

6. Fishery Webinar about 'Excitement in Aquascape Art' together with Central Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency

December 28

7. Webinar about how to take care of pets health and appearance

December 29

8. Webinar about consumption of animal-based food products to maintain immunity during Covid-19 pandemic.

December 30

9. Live Cooking with Chef by South Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency, From Garden to Table Cooking, carried out with theme of Super Food to prevent stunting and concept of permaculture to maintain family food security.

December 31

10. Free consultation webinar about pets diseases

11. Biosecurity webinar about domestic poultry  

January 2

12. Webinar on goat milk business opportunities and benefits

She expected all of those events can be useful for communities who want to spend their holidays to gain knowledge.

"All events are broadcast on KPKP Agency's social media, everybody can join the virtual events," she stated.

Taglines of those virtual events on social media are #gakmudiktetepasik, #gaktamasyatetepbahagia, #liburandirumahsaja, #dkpkpsetiamenemanianda.