2,063 Bansos Packages Distributed to Residents in Wijaya Kusuma Urban Village

Jumat, 27 November 2020 20:04 Rudi Hermawan 374

(Foto: Rudi Hermawan - Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Government distributed 2,063 social aid (bansos) packages to residents in Wijaya Kusuma Urban Village, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta, on Friday (11/27).

We distribute bansos packages to residents in 9 RWs

Wijaya Kusuma Urban Village's Economy and Development Section Head, Mohamad Eki mentioned, each packages contain of 2 pcs cooking oil (0.9 liter/pc), 1 tin wafer, 1 pc soap bar, 1 pack flour, canned chicken curry, 1 pouch soy sauce, and 4 pcs instant noodle.

"We distribute bansos packages to residents in 9 RWs," he explained, Friday (11/27).

Those packages were sent to RW secretariat offices thus it could be distributed by local RT administrators to residents using door-to-door method.

"Distribution is carried out door-to-door to avoid crowd by implementing health protocols," he mentioned.