City Continues to Optimize JakWiFi Program in Jakarta

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | November 22nd, 2020 04:04 PM 16:04 WIB | Dibaca 570 kali
City Continues to Optimize JakWiFi Program in Jakarta (Foto : Suparni /

The city administration has noted that the JakWiFi has been spread in five regions of Jakarta, including in Thousand Islands.

" Moreover this is free of charge so I can study with friends"

Based on the data as of November 12, 22 spots have been installed on three residential islands in Thousand Islands. One of them is at the Tidung Cerita RPTRA, Tidung Island Urban Village, South Thousand Islands Sub-district.

As experienced by a student of SDN 01 Pulau Tidung, Regina. She admitted, it was helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Moreover this is free of charge so I can study with friends," she expressed.

Then Tidung Cerita RPTRA caretaker Fauziah expressed every day there were always children using the free internet access at the park.

"Locals also use it for the sake of business online," she told.

Nevertheless, at the Tidung Ceria RPTRA, the internet users were required to comply with health protocols.

"We have also provided hand washing facilities and soap. To avoid unwanted things, we always do monitoring," she explained.

As for the information, the administration intends to expand the JakWiFi program in government buildings, parks, RPTRAs, public schools, and areas where free internet service providers are not accessible or are not interested in, collaborating through sharing of access points with telecommunications service providers, and providing access points through corporate social responsibility programs or corporate social responsibility. The public can check the location of the access point and its expansion using the JAKI (Jakarta Kini) app.

Jakarta Communication, Informatic and Statistic Head Atika Nur Rahmania explained, the pandemic situation forced people to adapt to lifestyles that limit human interaction and maximize the use of technology. Certainly it triggered her agency to transform Jakarta as a Digital Driven City, by changing the governance process, public services and the way citizens interact and communicate through the digital version.

"The challenge in making the city of Jakarta a Digital Driven City is the ability to create internet-based interactions and communications. It will certainly increase the high demand for internet access in all regions. That's why the right short-term and long-term strategies are needed to provide internet access in Jakarta up to 100 percent. The city must also build collaboration with all parties and ensure the right scheme to overcome the problem of inequality in the provision of internet access," she explained.

She added, in its implementation, the agency had compiled guidelines on minimum technical specifications that should be met by collaborators and internet service providers working with the administration.

"Our hope is JakWiFi program for residents can be the first step in accelerating the digital transformation of Jakartans as a response to optimizing opportunities during the pandemic. This step is also expected to be an accelerator in making Jakarta a Digital Driven City," she stated.