Bambu Apus Rabbit Park, New Educational Tourist Attraction for Families

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Lembang, West Java may be famous for its educational tourist attraction for rabbit farming. But now, people who live in Jakarta and its surrounding can enjoy similar experience in Jakarta.

Playing with rabbits can give benefits such as increasing intelligence, care, and love for animals

Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Agency has opened Bambu Apus Rabbit Park which located on Jalan Raya Bambu Apus, Cipayung, East Jakarta.

In this place, visitors can enjoy to see 188 rabbits from various breeds, such as New Zealand White, Flemish Giant, Rex and Satin.

Jakarta KPKP Animals and Livestock Health Service Center (Pusyankeswannak) Head, Renova Ida Siahaan said, her side has developed those rabbits to adapt with environment and temperature in Jakarta.

"Those rabbits are the result of crossbreeding. Uniquely, when we are talking about rabbits, it reminded people about rabbit farm in Lembang, where the temperature is cold. But now it transforms into Betawi rabbit that can adapt and survive, even breed in Jakarta's temperature," she mentioned, Friday (11/20).

Residents can visit this park for free. But during the pandemic period, visitors are limited and required to follow Covid-19 health protocols.

For now, she continued, visitors are not allowed to bring children under 9 years old and elderly over 60 years old. Besides, visitors should wear mask and maintain a safe distance with the others.

People who want to visit Bambu Apus Rabbit Park can register through website  or register by filling google form at

"We make this park thus rabbit can have exercise. Playing with rabbits can give benefits such as increasing intelligence, care, and love for animals, entertaining, and increasing responsibility, and social interaction," she explained.