JPS: Winning Indonesia Government Procurement Award 2020, City Shows Concerns for MSMEs

Kamis, 19 November 2020 14:49 Suparni 447

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Jakarta Public Service (JPS) appreciated Jakarta Government for winning Indonesia Government Procurement Award 2020 organized by Indonesian Government Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP). For information, Jakarta Government won an award for category Procurement Innovation that Supports Transparency in Procurement Expenditures.

It shows Jakarta Government's commitment in providing equal opportunities

JPS Chairperson, Mohammad Syaiful Jihad conveyed, Jakarta Government under leadership of Anies Baswedan and Ahmad Riza Patria has shown concern for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) development.

"Through innovations in procurement of goods and services, expenditure for MSMEs reached 50 millions using e-Order. This market place can give opportunities for MSMEs to participate in goods and services procurement in Indonesia. It shows Jakarta Government's commitment in providing equal opportunities," he stated, Wednesday (11/19).

He added, e-Order application also increases transparency in procurement of goods and services. It also provides information regarding procurement of goods and services between government and MSMEs.

"Everyone can see and access it. This is important in era of public information openness in order to realize a good governance and clean government," he asserted.

According to him, MSME sector is the driving force for economic development, not only in Jakarta, but also throughout Indonesia.

"The more advanced MSMEs, the higher labor absorption. Money circulation will also increase and we hope people's welfare can be better, especially for MSMEs," he added.

Through various achievements at national and international levels, he assessed, Jakarta Government has shown that policies implemented in Jakarta are correct.

"This award is the evidence that policy direction is correct, that surely it still needs improvements in the future. I congratulate Jakarta Government, both Governor, Vice Governor, and all ranks for obtaining the achievements," he said.

For information, Jakarta Government Procurement Award 2020 was given by LKPP RI Chairperson, Roni Dwi Susanto to Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan during Procurement Coordination Meeting 2020 at Grand Savero Hotel, Bogor, West Java, Wednesday (11/18).