Rabies Vaccination is Given to 222 Animals in Tebet Timur

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2020 21:02 TP Moan Simanjuntak 410

(Foto: TP Moan Simanjuntak - Beritajakarta.id)

South Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security (KPKP) Sub-agency personnel have injected rabies vaccine to 222 animals that are potential to transmit rabies at RPTRA Taman Mandala, Jalan Tebet Utara IV, RT 05/02, Tebet Timur Urban Village, Tebet, on Saturday (10/31).

Vaccination is carried out to prevent rabies disease

South Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency Head, Hasudungan Sidabalok mentioned, rabies vaccination was given to residents' pets such as dogs, cats, monkeys, and civets to prevent them from spreading rabies in South Jakarta area.

"Vaccination is carried out to prevent rabies disease," he conveyed.

His side vaccinated 222 animals, consisting of 22 dogs, 148 cats, 50 civets, and 2 monkeys.

"At first, we targeted 100 animals. But people seem enthusiastic of this vaccination thus it reaches 222 animals. We hope this rabies vaccination can make their animals healthy," he stated.