Thousand Islands Health Sub-agency Urges People to Always Comply with Health Protocols

Selasa, 27 Oktober 2020 17:09 Suparni 348

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Thousand Islands Health Sub-agency urged local residents and tourists to comply with health protocols to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

We need to continue to be disciplined in implementing health protocols

Thousand Islands Health Sub-agency Head, Herwin Meifendi stated, as long as there is no COVID-19 vaccination, adherence to health protocols is the key to prevent the transmission.

"Currently, COVID-19 cases in Thousand Islands have decreased. We need to continue to be disciplined in implementing health protocols," he asserted, Tuesday (10/27).

Until October 25, he added, there were 83 positive COVID-19 cases in Thousand Islands. Two of them are still being treated, 75 people have recovered, two people died, and four others are undergoing a controlled isolation.

"Since October 26 or transitional PSBB extension period, there are no new cases. We hope it can be maintained until Thousand Islands returns to green zone," he mentioned.

Since tourism activities are now allowed in Jakarta, his side urged local residents to actively participate in ensuring tourists to comply with health protocols.

"We need to remind each other thus we can carry out various activities safely and COVID-19 can be avoided," he said.