BPBD: 86 Neighborhoods in Jakarta Inundated

Minggu, 25 Oktober 2020 13:30 Adriana Megawati 333

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Regional Mitigation Agency (BPBD) reports that floodwaters last night have inundated 86 neighborhoods (RT) in two areas of Jakarta.

I hope this condition can return to normal in the next hour or two

Jakarta BPBD's Center for Disaster Data and Information (Pusdatin) Head Mohammad Insaf said, based on the data gathered at 9 AM, around 16 RTs were inundated in seven urban villages (South Jakarta) and 70 RTs in five urban villages (East Jakarta).

Here comes the detail of the inundated areas due to last night's heavy rain:

1. South Jakarta

- 5 RTs in Rawajadi Urban Village

- 1 RT in Pengadegan Urban Village

- 2 RTs in Kebon Baru Urban Village

- 5 RTs in Manggarai Urban Village

- 1 RT in Bintaro Urban Village,

- 1 RT in Pondok Pinang Urban Village

- 1 RT in Cipulir Urban Village

-  The average water level is 10-70 cm

2. East Jakarta

- 2 RTs in Balekambang Urban Village

- 23 RTs in Cawang Urban Village

- 1 RT in Cililitan Urban Village

- 15 RTs in Bidara Cina Urban Village

- 29 RTs in Kampung Melayu Urban Village

- The average water level is 10-150 cm

"Most of the inundated RTs are in Kampung Melayu Urban Village, around 29 RTs. From that RTs, 8 were inundated up to 71-150 cm," he confirmed, Sunday (10/25).

Thereby he called on local urban village and sub-district heads to soon follow up this condition by sending PPSU or SDA task forces to the location.

"I hope this condition can return to normal in the next hour or two. In the meantime, there is no information on evacuation posts or flooded streets," he stated.