Regent Asks Midwives to Provide Best Service for Pregnant Women and Babies

Senin, 19 Oktober 2020 19:01 Suparni Maria Inggita 382

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Thousand Islands Regent, Junaedy asked midwives in Thousand Islands to improve the quality of services to residents.

Good service will give positive impact on pregnant women and their babies

According to him, midwives' hardwork in serving residents, especially pregnant women and babies is important for health sector.

"Good service will give positive impact on pregnant women and their babies. Thus, healthy generation will be born," he said when opening the Second Branch Conference of Thousand Islands Indonesian Midwives Association event virtually from his office's hall, Pramuka Island, North Thousand Islands Sub-district, Monday (10/19).

He hopes, counseling and services for pregnant women and toddlers will not stop during pandemic period despite of limitations and implementation of health protocols.

"They must continue to serve those in needs, although in the midst of pandemic. Maybe with various innovations, but most importantly, it should be complied with health protocols. Don't let the health of pregnant women and babies to be neglected and they are not served properly due to COVID-19," he asserted.