Hundreds of Kilograms of Crude Oil Waste in Thousand Islands Cleaned

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2020 19:19 Suparni 592

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Thousand Islands Environmental (LH) Sub-agency has started cleaning up hundreds of kilograms of crude oil waste in the waters of Panggang Island, Karya Island, Pramuka Island and its surrounding areas in Panggang Island Urban Village, North Seribu Islands Sub-district.

We're doing this, because of the waste that has accumulated

Djoko Rianto Budi Hartono, Agency Head of Thousand Islands LH expressed it had been carried out since Tuesday (10/13).

"We're doing this, because of the waste that has accumulated. That's why it can interfere with the life of marine life, fisherman activities and cultivators," he expressed, Thursday (10/15).

He explained as many as 20 personnel had been alerted to the location and they managed to collect 712 kg of crude oil waste in the waters of Pramuka Island and 93 kg in the waters of Panggang Island.

"Fortunately, during the cleanup action, we get support from officers of Panggang Island National Park and PPSU," he explained.

Panggang Island Urban Village Head Pepen Kuswandi added this action would continuously be done until Semak Daun, Karang Lebar and Air islands, which are the location for seaweed cultivation for the residents of Panggang Island.

"We ask cultivators who are affected by the oil waste pollution to immediately report to the urban village. We will further coordinate with the related units," he stated.