Here are 13 Tourism Businesses Operating During PSBB

Senin, 12 Oktober 2020 05:26 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 642

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Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economic (Parekraf) Agency has announced as many as 13 tourism businesses that may operate during the transitional PSBB period.

If there is an increase in new cases, tourism businesses that are allowed to operate can be revisited

The tourism business includes, restaurants/cafes/bars, show in open spaces (drive in), barbershop, golf/driving range, meetings/seminars/workshops, tourism areas, recreational parks/zoos.

Other tourism businesses are namely museums and galleries, water tourism, video/visual production, physical fitness center/gym/fitness center, tennis/badminton (outdoor) court, marriage contract/blessing/wedding ceremony.

Jakarta Parekraf Agency Acting Head Gumilar Ekalaya said, specifically for the type of business in open spaces (drive in), video/visual production, meetings/seminar/workshops and marriage contracts/blessings/wedding ceremonies were required to apply for technical approval to the agency.

As for the other permitted tourism businesses could operate immediately while still implementing the COVID-19 health protocol.

"For tourism businesses that have to request for technical approval, a joint team will conduct a review which will decide whether or not to operate again and will be stipulated in a decree from our agency," he explained, Monday (12/10).

He added, specifically for cinemas that had requested for reopening would still be processed based on the order in which they were submitted.

"If there is an increase in new cases, tourism businesses that are allowed to operate can be revisited," he expressed.

He continued that types of businesses such as discotheques, nightclubs, spas, karaoke, griya, massage and other tourism activities that had the potential to the crowds and could not yet operate.

Following are the technical operational provisions for the tourism business:

1. Post integrity pacts in public places

2. Record visitors using guests or digitally by including the visitor's name, mobile number, the first 6 digits NIK. Business managers are required to provide visitor data if needed by the Jakarta Provincial Government

3. Limit and regulate the movement of guests/visitors within the area and place of business. Especially for organizing live music in restaurants/cafes/bars, it is mandatory to comply with the following conditions:

- Has TDUP for live music

- The number of personnel adjusts the extent of the stage (maintaining physical distancing)

- No live disk jockeys (DJ)

- No dancing.

4. Bar businesses that are allowed to operate are bars that meet independent conditions, which are integrated with a restaurant/ a cafe and which become hotel facilities.

5. The application for technical approval is submitted at least 14 days before the event