2,626 Social Aid Packages Distributed to Pegadungan People

Selasa, 29 September 2020 16:05 Rudi Hermawan 359

(Foto: Rudi Hermawan - Beritajakarta.id)

The Pegadungan Urban Village, Kalideres, West Jakarta today has distributed social aid in the form of 2,626 social aid packages to its citizens affected by COVID-19 crisis.

We send them to 13 RWs

Pegadungan Urban Village Head Adith Pratama said his party had cooperated with local RT/RW to distribute the assistance door to door to comply with physical distancing rules.

"We send them to 13 RWs," he expressed, Tuesday (9/29).

Of 13 RWs, RW 01 received 464 packages, RW 02 received 297 packages, RW 03 received 271 packages, RW 04 received 355 packages and RW 05 received 336 packages.

Then RW 06 received 178 packages, RW 07 received 102 packages, RW 08 received 172 packages, RW 09 received 185 packages, RW 10 received 1 package, RW 11 received 251 packages, RW 15 received 1 packaged and RW 17 received 13 packages

Each package contained two sacks of 5-kg rice, two liters of cooking oil, four cans of 155-gram sardines, one can of 480-gram biscuits.

"80 grams of bar soap, wheat flour, vermicelli and soy sauce," he stated.