COVID-19, 11,723 Social Aid Packages Distributed to Pisangan Timur

Senin, 28 September 2020 21:53 Nurito 349

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As many as 11,723 social aid packages have been started distributing to those in need to mitigate the hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pisangan Timur Urban Village, Pulogadung, East Jakarta, on Monday (9/28).

We send them (social aid) to 15 RWs

Pisangan Timur Urban Village Secretary Dwi Widiastuti said that it was a seventh stage distribution.

To speed up its distribution, she stated, as many as 76 joint personnel of PPSU and Satpol PP had been sent to the location.

"We send them (social aid) to 15 RWs," she expressed.

Her side had cooperated with local RT/RW caretakers to distribute them door to door to comply with physical distancing rules.

"Hopefully the aid can lighten the burden of locals in Pulogadung," she hoped.