City Prepares Land for COVID-19 Burial Ground at Rorotan Public Cemetery

Senin, 28 September 2020 12:29 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Maria Inggita 994

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Jakarta Bina Marga Agency cleared land for more graves for COVID-19 victims at Rorotan Public Cemetery (TPU), North Jakarta.

We estimate this 2-hectare land to accommodate 6,000 burial plots

Jakarta Bina Marga Agency Head, Hari Nugroho mentioned, his side currently is clearing 20,000 square meters or 2 hectares land for the graves and 210 square meters for access road to the burial ground.

"Now it has reached 4 percent for the process. Currently, we are filling the land and making access road to the burial ground," he said, Monday (9/28).

During the land clearing, his side used heavy equipment such as 3 excavator units, 2 bulldozer units, 1 rolling machine unit, and 10 dump trucks.

Those heavy equipment will be used for cut and fill process to make the soil surface flat, thus it makes easier to excavate for burial.

According to him, land clearing work has been started since September 17 and targeted to finish in December 2020.

"We estimate this 2-hectare land to accommodate 6,000 burial plots. According to plan, land clearing at Rorotan TPU will be finished in December 2020," he explained.