Jakarta to Host the 33rd International Publishers Congress on November 2022

Kamis, 10 September 2020 17:30 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 600

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

International Publishers Association (IPA) has chosen Jakarta to host the 33rd International Publishers Congress that will be held on November 11-13, 2022.

We are happy to welcome IPA members at the 33rd International Publisher Congress later

Jakarta, a home of more than 10 million population, has long been a center of literature, culture, and arts. It also has 5,604 libraries; 1,204 publishers; and 30% of all modern Indonesian bookstores are located in this city.

Every year, the Indonesian publishing industry which is supported by more than 5,000 publishers has produced 120,000 titles of book. It makes Jakarta as one of the largest book producers in Southeast Asia.

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan stated city's readiness to host IPA members and all congress participants.

"We are happy to welcome IPA members at the 33rd International Publisher Congress later. As the host, Jakarta has taken an important role and demonstrated its readiness to be a bridge for development of book industry in Asia Pacific region where 60% of the world's population is located. We are ready to hold this prestigious international event and as a meeting place for stakeholders in books field to create creative ideas and prepare Asia Pacific as the center of world development in the future," he stated, as quoted form Jakarta PPID press release, on Thursday (9/10).

In this chance, he hopes the 33rd International Publisher Congress to run well and beneficial for the nation.

"Apart from that, Jakarta has proven itself to be a venue for international events. All have ended successfully and brilliantly. We are sure that the 33rd International Publishers Congress to run successfully and bring significant changes to the publishing industry in Indonesia," he added.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of International Publishers Association, Bodour Al Qasimi expressed his enthusiasm in welcoming Jakarta to host the 33rd International Publishers Congress.

"We are very pleased that congress can be held in Jakarta in 2022. The Indonesian publishing market is growing rapidly, significantly, and has a great opportunity to become a future publishing force in Asia. Indonesia's vision for International Publishers Congress 2022 is very interesting and we are looking forward it to be realized," he conveyed.

The Daily Chairman of Jakarta Book City Committee, Laura Prinsloo also hopes the congress can create an innovation in the future.

"Along with other global publishing industries, Indonesia is severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, we've seen and heard a lot of initiatives from publisher around the world who are battling in this situation. We hope the upcoming congress to encourage the industry and become a platform to discuss beneficial things to publishers and create exciting innovations for the future," she said.

Indonesia was the Guest of Honor at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 and chosen as the Market Focus Country at the London Book Fair 2019. Those two major events have increased the international trade.

By hosting the 33rd International Publishers Congress, Jakarta will continue those two events. Currently, Jakarta is running for Book City with various literacy activities and initiatives which planned for the next three years.  

Detailed information concerning the 33rd Congress will be shared at Frankfurt Book Fair which held virtually on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 1 PM of Central European Time (CEST) or 18:00 WIB.

* Information related to International Publishers Association (IPA)

The International Publishers Association (IPA) is the world's largest publisher association federation. Founded in 1896, IPA is an industrial body with a human rights mandate. IPA's mission is to promote and protect publishing and to raise awareness of publishing as a force for economic, cultural and social development. In collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and various international NGOs, IPA fights for the interests of publishing books and journals at the national and international levels. Internationally, IPA also actively opposes censorship and promotes copyright, freedom of publication (including through IPA Prix Voltaire), and literacy.


* Information related to Jakarta Book City Committee

Jakarta has formed a committee for Jakarta's project as a Book City from 2020-2022. This committee consists of 17000 Pulau Imaji Foundation, Indonesian Publisher Association (IKAPI), Jakarta Library Board, Indonesian Library Community Forum and various stakeholders in the creative industry. Jakarta is the first city in Indonesia which involved in the selection of the UNESCO World Book Capital City 2022. More than 200 programs have been planned for the next few years aimed at making Jakarta a hub for publishing industry and creative industry at the national and international levels.