Jakarta Extends Transitional PSBB Phase 1 Period by Tightening Activities in Public Spaces

Jumat, 14 Agustus 2020 14:55 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar Maria Inggita 1103

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Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan announced to extend Transitional PSBB Phase 1 period for the fourth time for 2 weeks until August 27, 2020. During this period, he empahsized that Jakarta Government will tighten activities that have the potential to cause crowds in public spaces, especially on the weekend and Indonesia Independence Day event.

We decided to extend Transitional PSBB Phase 1 period for the fourth time until August 27, 2020

"Taking all conditions into account, after we consulted with health experts, especially epidemiologists and coordinated with Forkopimda this afternoon, we decided to extend Transitional PSBB Phase 1 period for the fourth time until August 27, 2020. By extending the period, city together with police and TNI will focus on enforcing PSBB regulations, especially for people to wear mask," he stated, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Thursday (8/13).

He also asserted that all social activities that cause crowd will be temporarily suspended, especially during Car Free Day (CFD). As for commemorating Indonesia Independence Day on August 17, he decided to cancel all celebration activities, especially competitions.

"All social activities that cause crowd will be postponed, it means we eliminate Car Free Day activities since it has the potential to cause crowd.Second is Independence Day celebration. Decorating villages, houses, and offices can continue. They are allowed to carry out Independence Day ceremony, but in limited capacity. While for competitions will be canceled because it often causes crowd to run out of control, but for ceremony is relatively controllable because the distance between people and its procedure can be adjusted," he conveyed.

He explained, number of confirmed positive cases increased by 621 new cases where the accumulation of positive cases in Jakarta reached 27,863 cases. While COVID-19 patients who are currently undergoing treatment in hospitals or conducting self-isolation are increased by 119 people with total COVID-19 cases reached 9,044 patients.

"Alhamdulillah, Jakarta residents who have been declared cured increased by 489 people, thus cumulatively, number of patients recovered reached 17,838 people. It means, 64 percent from confirmed cases in Jakarta have returned to do their activities. There is additional 13 confirmed cases who died, bringing the total to 981 people. Based on that data, Jakarta's mortality rate is 3.5 percent and is still below the national level of 4.5 percent," he said.

According to him, the development of PCR test capacity in Jakarta is applied based on WHO standards, where confirmed cases without symptoms (OTG) only need to conduct self-isolation during the incubation period without being re-tested. As for patients with symptoms or even need special treatment at hospitals or ICU should be re-tested.

"In Jakarta, we carry out according to WHO standards. From the total 6,807 tests as of day, there are 5,049 specimens or 82 percent taken PCR test to diagnosing new cases with total 621 positive and 4,428 negative results. It means, majority of our testing capacity is used for active case finding, looking for people who haven't been tested before," he added.

He also stated that the positivity rate in Jakarta tends to increase over the past week at 8.7 percent. But if it is accumulated from the start, the positivity rate in Jakarta reached 5.7 percent. While the standard positivity rate from WHO that can be declared safe is under 5 percent.

He emphasized that Jakarta Government will try to reduce positivity rate by increasing the testing capacity to curb the transmission chain thus people who are confirmed positive, especially those without symptoms can immediately isolate themselves for preventing the further transmission.

He hopes health facilities, especially hospitals as the last bastion to survive the struggle against COVID-19 pandemic in Jakarta.

During the past two weeks, there was an increasing trend in isolation rooms and ICU in Jakarta. 65 percent of 4,456 isolation beds are currently occupied. Likewise with ICU rooms, 67 percent of total 483 beds are occupied with confirmed COVID-19 patients.

All the figures fluctuated in one month between 40-50 percent in July. The increasing trend should be handled together, not only by governemnt. Hospitals, clinics, health centers, laboratories and other health facilities are not only inanimate building facilities. Inside of it, there are health workers who are struggling.

"Let us alleviate their burden by implementing health protocols and reminding each other to wear mask, to wash hands regularly, and to maintain safe distaince. Don't hesitate and afraid to remind each other," he asserted.

Through extension period of Transitional PSBB Phase 1, he hopes people can be more aware of the potential for COVID-19 transmission in Jakarta. Moreover, data that record PSBB violations, especially related to the use of mask, has increased significantly in the last week.

He mentioned that the accumulated fines collected from violations from not wearing mask, public places/facilities, and socio-cultural activities until August 10 has reached RP 2.87 billion.

"Our officers in Satpol PP recorded the mask violations every week. In July 1-6 period, 2,566 violators netted and it keeps increasing. It reached 4,901 violations in July 7-11, then 5,968 violations in July 12-19. The peak was in July 20-29 period with 26,337 violations. On July 30-August 3, it decreased significantly to 7,102 violations but it increased again on August 4-10 with 17,172 violations," he conveyed.

According to him, the number of violators and fines was not merely a matter of government that imposing sanctions to get fines. It is all about discipline, safety, and mutual protection.

Again, he emphasized the progressive fines that are heavier for repeated violations against individuals and offices or business venues, including to close the locations that still violate the transitional PSBB period.

"We also appreciate the community and business premises that have implemented COVID-19 health protocols during transitional PSBB period. Thank you to offices and business premises, institutions that have limited 50 percent of visitors/employees capacity, ensured them to wear mask, maintained safe distance of 1 meter, provided place to wash hands before entering the location, and cleaned the facilities with disinfectant before or after activities," he closed.