Commission A Member Gives Social Aid to Farmer Group in Pela Mampang

Jumat, 24 Juli 2020 17:25 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 474

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Jakarta DPRD's Commission A Member August Hamonangan gave social aid in the form of disinfectant, toga plant seeds and masks to residents of RT 09/07, Pela Mampang Urban Village, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, on Thursday (7/23).

Besides supporting family food and environmental beauty, it can be produced and then sold

The aid itself was received by RT 07/09 Chairwoman, Esty Kurnia and witnessed by Mampang Prapatan Sub-district Vice Head Robert Tobing, KPKP Executing Unit Head Ferry Sukasmi, Pela Mampang Urban Village Head Yuniah, Karang Taruna members and FKDM.

Afterwards, together with local apparatuses, he took his time to plant toga plants on an empty land, which is in the middle of residential areas.

He stated that the help of seedlings of this toga plant supported the urban farming program thus it was growing and was able to meet the food needs of the locals, especially healthy, fresh, quality and safe vegetables consumed.

"Besides supporting family food and environmental beauty, it can be produced and then sold," he stated.

He also encouraged regional working units (SKPD/UKPD) and local apparatuses, to continuously train and assist locals, especially farmer groups (Poktan) in Pela Mampang area, starting from marketing and packaging techniques for urban farming products.

"The economy can begin with the formation of Poktan and the product must be more increased in Pela Mampang and bazaar," he said.

He added the provision of disinfectants and masks aimed to curb the coronavirus spread, as well as increase the awareness and compliance of citizens to health protocols.

"Health with the economy must go hand in hand. Amid COVID-19, urban farming activities, especially toga plants can be an option. If the harvest can be consumed to support the health of residents, but it can also be produced for sale," he explained.

RT 09/07 Chairwoman Esty Kurnia positively welcomed the support and aid from the legislature.

"Thank you for the aid anyway. Toga plants can be used for consumption by locals and the welfare of residents through the economic rotation of production," she closed.