Jakarta's Latest Official COVID-19 Cases as of July 21

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | July 21st, 2020 08:04 PM 20:04 WIB | Dibaca 367 kali
Jakarta's Latest Official COVID-19 Cases as of July 21 (Foto : Istimewa / Beritajakarta.id)

The Jakarta COVID-19 Quick Handling Task Force announces the latest information of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases as of July 21.

" 1,078 are still being treated in hospital and 4,453 are undergoing self-isolation at home (including data of athlete's homestead)"

According to Ani Ruspitawati, Division Head of Health Resources, COVID-19 positive cases increased to 441.

She detailed the number of new cases was based on the domicile of patients in Central Jakarta (50 cases), North Jakarta (45 cases), West Jakarta (73 cases), South Jakarta (49 cases), East Jakarta (46 cases) and those still in the process of identifying domicile were 178 cases.

As for the sources of reporting new cases, namely hospitals as many as 261 cases (59 percent), puskesmas or community as many as 167 cases (38 percent), athlete's homestead as many as 11 cases (2.5 percent) and offices as many as 2 cases (0.5 percent). The 167 cases reported by the Puskesmas were 137 Active Case Finding (ACF) results and 32 tracing cases.

"Case data reported today are from the laboratory as of July 20 and 21. That means, there are no doubled data on cases reported today," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release, Tuesday (7/21).

She went on to say that the increase in the number of positive cases could not be separated from the Active Case Finding (ACF) program that was implemented since mid-May. As of June 4, Jakarta Health Agency Head Widyastuti had issued circular letter to puskesmas to conduct Active Case Finding and Contact Tracing to the residents. The Active Case Finding was done in markets, vulnerable settlements or other public spaces where COVID-19 cases tend to occur based on epidemiological calculations.

She added, in total, there was 17,153 positive people in Jakarta, with details 10.864 were declared cured and 758 died.

"1,078 are still being treated in hospital and 4,453 are undergoing self-isolation at home (including data of athlete's homestead). While for suspects there are 1,883 people whereby 1,158 out of them are in the hospital and 725 are undergoing isolation at home," she explained.

There were currently no probable patients. As for those who had travel history reached 38 people and the close contact case, there were 5.934 people who were undergoing isolation.

While the cumulative PCR test conducted in Jakarta up to July 120 were 466,56 samples. While the PCR test as of July 20, 6,053 people underwent the test. As many as 5,230 tests were done to confirm the diagnosis in new cases where 441 were positive and 4,789 were negative.

In total, 280,08 people or 3.5 percent had undergone the rapid test, with details 9,782 people having reactive coronavirus and 270,280 people were non-reactive. For the positive cases, it was handled through swab test via PCR. If the test results were positive, the patients would be referred to the athlete's homestead, hospital or undergo a self-isolation at home.

Considering 55 percent of the confirmed cases are asymptomatic people, the COVID-19 Handling task force called on residents to implement 3M stands for Mencuci tangan (washing hands), Memakai masker (wearing masks) and Menjaga jarak (keeping a distance).

Its implementation has an impact on risk reduction of contracting. By routinely washing hands with soap, the risk of contracting drops by 35 percent. Using ordinary masks, the risk of contracting decreases 45 percent. With surgical masks, the risk of contracting decreases by 70 percent. By always keeping a minimum distance of one meter, the risk of contracting decreases by 85 percent (source: doi.org).

In the meantime, transitional PSBB protocols should also be implemented that was by maintaining 50 percent of room capacity and making sure to leave house in healthy condition. The city government ranks would also keep monitoring compliance in malls, tourist sites and markets.

"We must remain vigilant as this virus still haunts us and our families, so don't forget to keep ourselves healthy and clean," she stressed.

As for the information, the community also has the opportunity to donate with others in the large-scale social collaboration (KSBB) program. They can provide aid in the form of staple foods, fast food and cash. For further information, please visit corona.jakarta.go.id/kolaborasi.