Ariza Assures Food Security Program Continues Despite the Pandemic

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(Foto: Mochamad Tresna Suheryanto -

Jakarta Government continues to maintain food security in Jakarta by producing rice independently and providing assistance and guidance for farmers thus they can plant crops optimally, as shown by Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria who harvested rice, milled rice, released fingerlings, planting trees, and distributing staple food packages to farmers on Sawah Abadi land, Ujung Menteng, Cakung, East Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/15).

Hopefully our farmers can remain strong to support the Resilient Jakarta

"It is done to ensure that we can continue increasing intensification and extensification of farming. Moreover, it also supporting farmer community who work every day to plant rice and others. Hopefully, our nation can provide food self-sufficiency that can lead to food security. At least, Jakarta can contribute, even though it is not much, but it is important," he asserted as quoted by Jakarta PPID Press Release.

Based on information from Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security (KPKP) Agency, Jakarta still has 414 hectares of paddy fields which are mostly managed by 15 farmer groups. Those paddy fields spread over Jakarta areas, from West Jakarta with 45 hectares land (Kalider and Kembangan Sub-districts), North Jakarta with 341 hectares land (Cilincing Sub-district), and East Jakarta with 28 hectares land (Cakung Sub-district).

As for 28 hectares paddy field in Caking Sub-district, 8 hectares of the land is managed by KPKP Agency's Center for Seed Development and Plant Protection UPT. It is one of Jakarta Government's asset that has been established as Sawah Abadi without changing its original function or purpose. So far, Sawah Abadi has produced around 47 tons rice per year. Some of the production are distributed to Jakarta's farmers and the rest are sold in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

"As we know, Jakarta as the capital city becomes the center of attention and more people outside of Jakarta move to Jakarta every year with various interests. It causes Jakarta become more crowded, more lands are required to fulfill Jakarta residents' needs," he said.

He expects farmers in Jakarta to be resilient, because they are not only facing ordinary challenges, such as floods, pests, and crop failures, but also COVID-19 outbreak which causes social and economic burden to the farmers.

"Hopefully our farmers can remain strong to support the Resilient Jakarta in facing various challenges and threats. Indeed, good technology is needed to optimize the production, start from planting, harvesting, to marketing. In many countries, farming can be successful because of the use of technology. Thus we hope in the future, our nation can emulate it," he conveyed.  

Important figures were also present on this opportunity, such as Agriculture Ministry's Food Crops Protection Director, Edi Purnawa; Jakarta and Banten Regional Head, Suharto Jabar; Jakarta Secretary, Saefullah; Jakarta KPKP Agency Head, Darjamuni; Food Station President Director, Arief Prasetyo Adi; East Jakarta Vice Mayor, Uus Kuswanto; and other related apparatuses.