Inaugurating KPBU Workshop, Ariza Expects Jakarta BUMDs to Transform Business Model

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 8th, 2020 07:45 PM 19:45 WIB | Dibaca 507 kali
Inaugurating KPBU Workshop, Ariza Expects Jakarta BUMDs to Transform Business Model (Foto : /

Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria (Ariza) has officially opened Collaborative Workshop Between Government and Business Entities (KPBU) at Novotel Cikini Hotel, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/8).

" It really depends on our roles, especially BUMDs"

This business forum is initiated by Jakarta Regional-owned Enterprises (BUMD) Academy led by Arief Nasrudin who is also the President Director of Perumda Pasar Jaya.

In his remarks, Ariza stressed on KPBU optimization to support development and economic growth of Jakarta. He expected all Jakarta BUMDs to carry out BUMD Business Model Transformation thus it continues to exist, be competitive and sustainable amidst the Global Pandemic of COVID-19. Therefore, it is considered important to carry out BUMD's transformation programs through collaboration with all BUMDs in Jakarta.

"Ideally, BUMD should be able to survive in competing with private sector. Especially during the pandemic. So, we really need to be resilient in many ways. Alhamdulillah, through various policies adapted by Mr. Anies, we can survive facing COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge is, how do we restore the growth of economic activities. It really depends on our roles, especially BUMDs," he asserted as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

Through BUMD transformation, he expected all Jakarta BUMDs can be more professional in carrying out their functions thus they will be able to compete and ready to face the business dynamics, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We hope all BUMDs start to identify their assets and so on. Thus we can optimize the assets. Look ahead and expand the market, look for the strategic investor partners, build national-scale and even regional businesses, and create high-value jobs. Build the food security, empower UMKM thus we can go forward. Collaborate with investor and global institutions to support UMKM to improve," he conveyed.

He appreciated and welcomed the positive synergy of stakeholders who collaborate with TGUPP, BUMD Management Body (BP), and Jakarta BUMD Academy in holding Business Forum in order to develop BUMD Business Model Transformation for its sustainability and existence. Through that Business Forum, he also hopes BUMD BP can monitor and evaluate cooperation between BUMDs and implementing BUMD's synergy within the Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

"Establish synergy between BUMDs, complement each other and cooperate in running the company's core business. Consolidation between BUMDs and be prepared to face the market in any difficult situation. Hopefully we can work together thus we can survive and show our abilities. I am confident and optimistic that you can carry out your duty well as the leader of BUMD and add value to Jakarta Provincial Government, Jakarta residents, and business sector," he stated.

The KPBU Workshop was also attended by Jakarta BUMD BP Chairman, Faisal Safrudin; Jakarta BUMD Academy Chairman, Arief Nasrudin; BUMD leaders, speakers and  KPBU-BUMD Academy Worshop participants; and TGUPP Chairman, Amin Subekti.