City and Forkopimda Agreed to Extend Transitional PSBB Period

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Jakarta Provincial Government held an evaluation meeting regarding implementation of the first phase of Transitional Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) together with Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda) at Jakarta City Hall, on Wednesday (7/1). The outcome of the meeting was to extend Transitional PSBB period until the next 14 days.

So, PSBB in Jakarta will be extended until the next 14 days and we will evaluate it again after we get the latest progress

"From the previous meeting, it was concluded that Transitional PSBB, which means all recent activities that only allow 50 percent of the capacity, will be continued until the next 14 days. So, PSBB in Jakarta will be extended until the next 14 days and we will evaluate it again after we get the latest progress," stated Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan after evaluation meeting as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

He explained, this decision was made based on the indicators that had been analized by Faculty of Public Health team from Universitas Indonesia together with epidemiologists. It stated that Jakarta was on an easing indicator with total score reached above 70.

"Based on pandemic monitoring indicators compiled by FKM UI team, we can see the picture. There are 3 elements, namely epidemiology, public health, and health facilities. In here, it can be seen that the epidemiological element scores 75, public health 54, and health facilities 83. Thus total score in Jakarta is 71," he mentioned.

Jakarta Government doesn't want to rush for easing the regulations. Based on the results of observation held by Jakarta Health Agency, although the incident rate in Jakarta is relatively controlled, but in regional mapping, there are several areas with high incident rates.

"The result from Health Agency's observation in Jakarta shows Jakarta's incident rate is relatively stable in general. But we find one sub-district, one urban village, with high incident rates," he added.

Within the recent transition period, his side committed that Jakarta Government will continue the active case finding (ACF) method by providing massive tests in areas with high probability of transmitting COVID-19.

"If we look at our testing activities, the number of people that we tested is around 7.6% or 151,171 people. While PCR has been carried out 14,258 test per 1 million population, with total 313,450 specimens tested. It means, we have done things required by WHO. WHO requires to perform 1,000 test per 1 million population. Since Jakarta has 11 million residents, thus we need to perform 11,000 tests per week, and in Jakarta, at least within these weeks, we have performed 14,000 tests per 1 million population," he explained.

He also keep encouraging Jakartans to apply three important aspects to curb the spread of COVID-19 by wearing mask, washing hands with soap, and maintaining physical distance.

"Generally, it still needs improvement in public discipline related to the three important aspects. First is to wear mask, second is to wash hand regularly, and the third is to maintain physical distance. Those are three aspects that should be carried out and enhanced," he asserted.