Hundreds of People Participate in Online Urban Farming Seminar

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Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Sub-agency along with PT Bank DKI held an online seminar titled Urban Farming with Hydroponic Technology. It was attended by 410 participants from 24 regions, there were even two participants who came from abroad namely, Qatar.

This method is effective enough to reach participants from various regions

According to Darjamuni, Head of Jakarta KPKP Agency, they participated in the seminar via the google meet link or the Go Jakfarm DKI Jakarta YouTube channel. Besides them, there were also guest speakers, namely Lecturer in Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering of the Faculty of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Slamet Widodo, urban farming practitioners and Vinca Nursery Director Slamet Budiarto.

"The material given includes understanding, benefits, development potential, urban farming development strategies, use of containers for agricultural cultivation and material on hydroponics," he expressed, Tuesday (6/23).

He explained urban farming with a hydroponic vegetable planting system was increasingly in demand by the community, especially amid COVID-19 outbreak.

Therefore, the agency and experts actively held seminars, counseling and information on how to grow vegetables using the hydroponic method online to respond to community interests.

"This method is effective enough to reach participants from various regions," he explained.

He hoped that the online seminar could be increasingly developed in meeting the food needs of the community, especially healthy, fresh, quality and safe vegetables for consumption, as well as to support family food.

"This collaboration will continue in a bid to introduce and reach wider targets about urban farming with the hydroponic method in the community," he stressed.

In the meantime, one of the seminar participants from Central Kalimantan, Tri Indra Hartono admitted, it was very useful, as it could gain new knowledge and insights in farming in the current era.

"Hopefully it will be an inspiration for innovation for us, in terms of limited land use for food security," he explained.

Another participant from the Seruni Indah Farmers Group, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, Eka Yulianti was very pleased and expressed her gratitude for this seminar.

"Alhamdulillah today I can join the online seminar with competent speakers. Thank you to the KPKP Agency and PT Bank DKI," she explained.

Besides increasing knowledge, she added, it could also add activist friends and prospective urban farming activists, not only from Indonesia, but also from abroad.

"We can get knowledge and new friends," she admitted.

As for the information, the seminar also opened a question and answer session with attractive prizes provided by PT Bank DKI.

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