Here is Schedule of Elderly and Disabled Cards Distribution through Bank DKI

Selasa, 16 Juni 2020 20:22 Wuri Setyaningsih Nugroho Adibrata 623

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Bank DKI Secretary Herry Djufraini said that his party began to distribute 42,265 cards of elderly and disabled in five regions of Jakarta gradually. It will be carried out from June 15 to 28, at 9 AM to 3 PM.

Don't worry your money won't be lost, as it is kept safe in the bank

"Its distribution is done at 119 points. The card itself has various benefits including free ride Transjakarta in 13 corridors, can buy subsidized food such as rice, meat, chicken, fish and eggs," he expressed, Tuesday (6/16).

Aside that, they will also automatically become members of JakGrosir and can be used as ATM debit cards at Bank DKI.

He suggested that card holders withdraw funds via Bank DKI ATMs, as there were no fees.

"Don't worry your money won't be lost, as it is kept safe in the bank. So don't rush to withdraw it," he stressed.

He urges them to be careful and alert, as well as not give their PIN to others.

Here is a detailed card distribution for elderly and disabled people:

1. June 15-16

- 15 points with 4,823 recipients in West Jakarta

2. June 17-18

- 14 points with 5,181 recipients in East Jakarta

3. June 19-22

- 11 points with 2,812 recipients in South Jakarta

4.  June 20-21

- 28 points with 11,301 recipients in West and East Jakarta

5. June 23-24

- 11 points with 2,783 recipients in Central Jakarta

6. June 25-26

- 10 points with 4,552 recipients in North Jakarta

7. June 27-28

- 30 points with 10,813 recipients in South and North Jakarta

Therefore, people who want to take the card must still comply with health protocols, such as using masks, maintaining physical distancing and cleanliness to curb the spread of COVID-19.

"We will ensure the distribution process of the two cards is going well and in accordance with the COVID-19 preventive health protocol," he closed.